Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amanda asked me out, and so i asked Roxanne to come along.
In the end amanda had fever so it was only me and roxanne.

had my favourite seafood horfun at xinwang. 很好吃! =D

Roxanne ate only dimsum!

我們的水! 呵呵. 講到好像你們不知道hor? lol.

We went to take neoprints afterwards. Heh. I love taking neoprints alot nowsadays. How i wish their pricing is still the last time pricing. $12 per shot very expensive leh! (but worth it cos fun. hehe)

My favourite Frolick. 也是很好吃!

Piccies! Roxanne like to do stupid faces!

LAST ONE. It's my favourite picture!

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