Friday, October 9, 2009


I love little holidays and travelling to other countries but if you ask me to choose a place for home, i'll definitely choose Singapore.

I cannot imagine not being able to eat seafood horfun anywhere i want, find roti prata anytime i want, have chicken rice whenever i want.

I cannot imagine eating sushi everyday. I cannot imagine eating bread everyday. I cannot imagine eating tomyam every day. Where else but singapore you can eat all kinds of flavours anyday anytime anywhere?

I cannot imagine travelling 3km of empty mud roads under the hot sun, nor sit in a car for 2 hours just to get to the next town. Where else can you find people, shelter, and mrt everywhere??

There are just too many things to love about Singapore. If i go on and on, the list will never end!

We always say that there's not much to do in Singapore, but actually that's not true! Here's a list of programs that i've planned if there's ever a time i have to bring a tourist around singapore. And no, im not including the usual places like the zoo, botanic garden, nor the jurong birdpark.


Have a bowl of yummy katong laksa to start the day.

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NASI LEMAK at Changi Village
3 or 4 stalls selling this popular coconut rice dish, but one of them is the more famous one. See the queue and you will know.

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Here, you can spent 30 minutes in your own world, on top to be precise. And i dont think it'll be crowded so early. If you are lucky, you get the whole carriage to yourself.

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Get to know more about how chinese people live during the old times of Singapore.

1215PM: LUNCH!
Since you are already at Chinatown, why not a bowl of piping hot bak kut teh? There are many bak kut teh choices available there! Have a bowl of soup accompanied with pork knuckle and rice. Great!

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If you are halal, you can try Singapore's famous Hainanese chicken rice. Available at Chinatown as well! (actually, everywhere.)

Have some icekachang/chendol dessert as well.

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Head down to vivocity and you can get to sentosa from there. Tanjong beach for quiet tanning, palawan beach or siloso beach for some water fun, and the other attractions in sentosa (butterfly park, insects kingdom, merlion, dolphin lagoon, underwater world etc).

- Vivocity: a large large shopping centre.
- Hajilane: Might have some unique finds!
- Bugis: Nearby hajilane, lots of cheap buys available there.
- Orchard: Ion, Wisma, Takashimaya, Cineleisure, Heeren, Paragon, CK tang, Far East Plaza, Shaw. Should be enough to last you for a day.

Try the crabs and other seafood at the famous No-signboard restaurant in Geylang. After dinner, drop by for some roadside durians. And nope, red light district not happening enough at this hour. Heh.

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1. BUNGEE JUMPING. the G-MAX Reverse Bungy
You gotta try this thing.

2. Clubbing!
Lots of clubs. If you are bored at the main area (the arena, zirca, rebel, lunar), you still have Boatquay for pubs, Robertson quay (a road away) would be more for the mature group, zouk and phuture at outram and st james powerstation near vivocity.

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12 Midnight: SUPPER!
Guess you are tired after clubbing. Time for supper! Visit the 24hour popular roti prata at Jalan Kayu.

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I've lots more but i can't pack so much into one day.

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore Experience.

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