Sunday, October 18, 2009

Was invited to Ark's new shop opening, XSQUAD.

2 Handy Road, The Cathay,
#03-11 Singapore 229233

Opening Hours: 11AM to 9.30PM (Monday ~ Thursday)
11AM to 10.30PM (Friday ~ Sunday including Eve & PH)

XSQUAD's affiliated two exclusive brand from Taiwan: Walux & Destroyland. It also carries two local street label such as OUNO & kHILOSOPHY.

The lion dance after a buffet spread.

Inside the shop: Featuring streetwear and cool caps.

Us all! Isaac, Benjamin, Me, Jayden, Nadia and Ark!

The shop has alot of Walux products. The Walux brand is very famous and popular overseas. All 3 pieces below can be found in their shop too!

So many colours.

With isaac. I like the jacket he was wearing. From the shop as well!

With Benjamin. The another benjamin also came! But he was behind the camera most of the time.

Nadia~ She talked to SX in english but SX kept replying in chinese, leaving her with question mark signs. Haha.


Me and SX went to watch 500 days of summer midway through. When we came back, most of the people were gone but alfred came!

Trying on the pieces and caps.

SX dont like me to wear this style but isaac they all like! Wearing the men's size as a oversized tee.

As i was given a $120 voucher by them, i bought a pink tee with the words "WALUX CREW" and this black shirt :) Topped up $12 more only!

Support them when you go to Cathay nextime okay?

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