Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Was invited, and so i brought Gillian along.

While waiting for Gillian, SX accompanied me first and we walked around the bestofblogshops flea. Didn't manage to get anything although i saw several awesome pieces because sx kept pulling me away. SX is a really good shopping-stopper. Whenever i get distracted by display windows and start wandering towards the shop, SX would pull me back -.-" Haha.

We went to eat SLICE :D I love shaved ice.

At first i thought i couldn't finish, so we shared this mango shaved ice (summerfling), with additional mango toppings and cornflakes.

Couldn't get enough of it, and we ordered the grape flavoured one, with additional mangoes! Hee.

Shopped around with Gillian after she arrived, and she bought the same pair of killer heels that i was wearing.

The fashion show starts!
Front seats with Tammy :)

The host.

Here are some of the shots that i took. There are also some other designs that are really pretty!

Gege and her model. Gege is now CovetRunway.

Ohvola owners and their model.


Went to have Din Tai Fung afterwards.

love their drunken chicken.
:) Gonna sleep now and go to school tomorrow. Skipped school today cos i overslept and since it's birthday, i gave myself an excuse for some rest =P (it's only the 2nd day of sch!)

After school tomorrow, i'll be meeting sx for my belated birthday celebration :D He's planning everything! Im soooo excited. Goodnight!

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