Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SX surprised me this morning by waiting under my flat to accompany me to school. It is usually not easy to give me a surprise because i'm very sensitive. In the past when other boyfriends tried surprise me, i was always able to expose it or at least know that he's up to something beforehand.

He gave me a morning call and rushed down from his home and waited under my flat for me to come out of the lift.

When i walked out of the lift, i saw this cockroach on the floor and immediately froze. I tried to walk away fast in case the cockroach decides to fly towards me. While i was crossing the road, i felt something chasing me across the road as well. This moment happened really slowly. First, i thought it was the cockroach chasing me. Then i thought 'cockroach where got so big.' Then i thought it was a cat (cos i kena chase by cat under my block before -_-" ) Then i thought it was my daddy. But dad has already gone out to work and my dad wouldn't wrap his arms around my shoulder! Then i turned to my right and realised it's Sx. Hee.

When i was young, i watched this drama series with my mum. "Young and Dangerous", it's about hongkong traid members and the famous figure Chan Ho Nam & Chicken.

SX and i were talking about this show the other day and i spent that night rewatching the episodes. Damn nice the show. I wish the local scene would do up some drama themes like this too.

I've so many pictures yet to be blogged about but i've been a lazy girl recently. This was the card that SX wrote for me that time.
I blurred out the words, except the first part. If you look carefully, it's:

LOL. After praise me still must praise himself.

We ate min-melts that day. Yum! The chocolate + vanilla one is nice.

Anyway, i made tiger prawn pasta for my family the other day. I didn't use tiger prawns, but it doesn't really matter. It's very easy to make! Afew steps only :) I got the recipe from one of 8days' issue.

They ate everything! :D

Anyway, it's isaac's bday today.


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