Friday, October 30, 2009


Went with sx!

The guys at the reception.

The ballroom! More than 400 guests!
(spot sx and benjamin in the pic? i am in between and kena blocked!)

Look at my lovely nails done at Milly's. It's acryllic extensions with glitter gel, flowers, pearls, crystals and gold balls :D

Jayden in WillyWonka's dressup!

Sweets =)

Cover again cos i lazy to photoshop. Haha.

Menu for the day!

Me with the guys at my table.

SX, me (ya im blocked in this picture), benjamin, randy, shawn, alton, claire, andy, jessica & her friend.

SX cutting my bread for me :)

Starter. (ahem, i dont like. haha not suitable to my taste mah)


Main course. (the mash potato here quite nice)


Winner List:

Best blogshop - Bonitochico
( i voted for ohsofickle though =D )

Best foodblog - ieatishootipost
( Kitchencow is also nice! Got alot bento pics there. hee)

Best Fashion - Ladymelbourne

( i voted for monoxious)

Best Parenting Blog - Childhood101

Best Travel Blog -

( i wanna be travel blogger!)

Best Geek Blog -!

Best Celebrity Blog - JoannePeh!!
(there should be two winners.. Cruzteng should win too!)

Best Entertainment Blog -Kennysia!
( yay congrats kenny)

Best Hidden Gem -

Most Influential Blog

Best Original Blog design
Region's best blog
- Xiaxue (triple winner!)
- Xiaxue (triple winner!)
Best pringles video - Jayden
(So happy for him. his submission was so professionally done!)

Magic show! They are so amazing.

While all these performances... sx was busy eating. Lol.

Benjamin and randy~ (before the event i had to pacify sx cos he claim i flirted with ben on the phone. but that's how i talk mah!)

Sx say claire very classy. Her eating ettiquette very elegant lor, not like me eat until so unglam. Haha.

kennysia and joannepeh

Jayden and his 5k cheque.

Xiaxue and her award.

SX took out the rose in the middle of the table for me. Haha . I never bring home lah.

Me and Cheesie/Rin/Ring/Ringo (i dont know which name she's using now. lol)

& sx.

With valerie the Miss Earth Singapore! :)

&& Everyone else :)


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