Sunday, October 4, 2009

Many chapters in one entry again. Heh.

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Yakun :)

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I love LerkThai.

their tomyam soup is especially spicy, but i love the seafood inside.

After lunch, we headed over to Chinatown Heritage Centre.
It's $10 per adult entry.

I like the reception. They are friendly and polite.

The centre showed how old singapore was like and how the chinese lived when they travelled from China to this little island trying to earn some money.

We saw these blocks of chinese surnames. It represents the different people who had contributed to old singapore. I saw two of my surname "Xie" there!

SX couldn't find his surname there and whined: "why dont have my surname! I dont care i stand here dont want go home until i can find!" Small boy -.-haha.


Gambling Table.

Prositute's room.

Old coffeeshop.

Fake food glued to their bowls. Haha.

Old library.

SX fake-reading.

Fortune teller's table.

Tailor's table.

How many of you still have this sewing machine at home?

Old style charcoal iron. Really heavy!

Bathroom. Pails to store water.

The loo.

How many mothers still use the washing board to wash clothes?

Old kitchen stoves.


Old medicine house.

After visiting the whole centre, SX said that he want to bring me to the YueLao's temple to pray. It's the moon deity, which brings couples together with a red thread so that they can be blessed with a smooth relationship and eventually have a loving marriage to each other. Came as quite a surprise to me because no one would easily want to do this unless they are really serious and committed to the relationship.

Found this little new milkshake shop in the middle of nowhere. Love the ambience! It's so fairytale like.

I didn't had milkshakes. I had icecream!


Oreo and vanilla.

i'm happily taken! =P

Candlelight. Perhaps for use at night.

Mini cheesecake.

After that we went over to yakun! Love their big big eggs ^^

I like to request for alot of butter on my toast. Every piece there's alot of kaya and a miserable amount of butter :(

SX knows i like the butter part so he always bite his one all the kaya part away and leave the butter parts for me. Sweet ^^ Usually when we share food he also give me the meat pieces that i like while he eat the rice and veggies only.

Took me a super long time to put this entry together!

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