Thursday, October 29, 2009


yes i know. so random!
ya, on a random afternoon, me and sx went to the science centre. haha.

It's soooooooooo far away.
I live in pasir ris and it is at jurong, the other side of the island.

Didn't really take much pictures, but i did have fun.

At the entrance was this real-looking dinosaur, hovering above us with occasional growling sounds and movement. Sx acted scared like a small boy and hid behind me. So cute =P

This illusion table was always my favourite part of the science centre. I remember being awed with curiousity when i saw it for the first time when i was young. I was shocked how come my father's body gone. Lol. But then i realised the trick was in the mirrors that reflects the floor.

"if you critisize me, my head is gonna appear on your fruit platter...."

We stared at these chicks for a damn long time. It was the hatching day and i wanted to see how the chick pokes its way out of the egg. I also wanted to see the whole sequence. Sadly, we stared and stared but none wanted to poke out :( Some of the baby chicks are fat and fluffy, while some are still wet and weak. Very interesting to observe their actions!

Cute :)

Ewww! This is like a nightmare come true.

Placed sx behind this mirror that made him fatty. Laughed at him for quite awhile. haha. I think he looked much better when he's not fat.

Mini playhouses! I loved going into these when i was a small girl. At that time, I so wished for mum to buy one to put in our house. Got door got window, so fun!

This is quite fun also.

Damn sad, no more mirrormaze exhibition. That was the ultimate fun! It's a maze where the walls are actually mirrors, so it's super difficult to find your way out cos the mirror tricks you to believing that there's a opening but actually you would be banging the mirror.

Im going to milly's to remove my hair extensions now! I think that my hair is almost the length of hair extensions already, so it's unnecessary to wear them liao! Really have to thank the discovery of hair extensions. I managed to make my hair look longer while it's slowly growing from ugly shoulder length to my current waist length :D

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