Monday, October 12, 2009

My slipper broke on the way home one night.
Luckily, sx was with me.

Haha. He offered to let me wear one of his shoes while he go bare-footed at one side. I asked him to use my broken slipper so that he wont dirty his leg. The whole short walk to the bus interchange was hilarious. He dragged his feet like a limp person cos that's the only way you can walk with that broken shoe. It was really funny cos he was constantly hoping that no one would see him walking like that. I even more paisei lor! I wearing one small slipper one big slipper leh!

Anyway, here are some blogshops updates :D


my blogshop has just updated with the fourth collection :D

we brought in this toga dress in BLUE! the black one was previously sold out too but we brought more in already :D

I really like this toga dress.

This romper was designed by my partner and my blogshop will be one of the first blogshops to get hold of the sale rights of this beauty.

There are also shoulder padded lace tops, studded dresses, and zipper tank top :)
Do support!

They've just updated with a new collection. I'll be getting the ASOS inspired two piece bandage dress. Isn't it pretty? Support !

New collection again :)

I like this piece:

Alfred updated. Do support him as well.

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