Thursday, October 8, 2009

Im so happy because i've been watching a row of good movies recently.

Phobia 2 - i wrote about it in one of my previous posts. Scary, freaky, but the storylines were great.

Accident - I like the storyline as well. Love the twist at the ending.

Surrogates - Fast paced, interesting, and totally great. I want a surrogate world, not so much of the fact that i get to choose how i look even though it's a good bonus, but more of the benefit that i'll never ever have to worry that any harm would happen to people i love.

I've been very paranoid over accidents recently. When i walk under flats i check for killer litters, when i cross a busy road i hold my breath, when i sit on a coffeeshop chair near the road im afraid that a car would lose control and swerve my way. I keep having a bad feeling that something is going to happen.

Oh well.

These pieces were previously sold out but i've brought in more of them already! INSTOCKS. Transfer to get the items before others get it.

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