Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lots of photoshop editing done. The cheek lines are jagged though. Haha. My nose will never look like that unless i have a nose job done.

Sx bought mooncakes for my parents.

The auntie gave me this nice box! Got nicer one but she kept it for herself.

FROLICK! Love the original flavour topped with nata de coco.

CHICKENPOT at Square 2 with sx.

I won first round okay. Heh.

Some snacks. Not nice one. Gave up halfway.

Manicure & Pedicure at Milly's.

Five colours on my toenails. SX say siao char bor. Lol. Peng peng chose the colours. I like the light green and purple..

SX patiently waiting for me. Lol. (he's giving me the "回家你就慘了" look)

Took NEOPRINTS with him again. I think we are both addicted to it. FUN!

See the streaks of powder on his black shirt?
Must be my foundation. Hahahaha.

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