Monday, October 26, 2009

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35 HajiLane

Despite being horribly sick today, i went down there today :) Never regretted it!

The place was decorated and sales girl dressed up to suit the halloween theme.


Twenty percent discount is alot.
I was given a voucher to spend on the shop, and guess what, i took more than i had expected! I already chosen so many items but when the salesperson counted, still havent reach the amount stated on the voucher! Of course im very happy luh, can select more items! Hee.

There are SO MANY participating brands. The shop consist of two storeys, level one was more of accessories and bags, while 2nd floor was where all the clothes are.

I didn't know where to start. So many designs, so many choices!

The shop is really spacious and it's a nice ambience to shop at. It's a really nice place where you can find a full set of outfit, all under one roof. Your dress, accessories, shoes, headbands, bag. Settle it all at one place.

The dressing room is huge! I took like 10 pieces at a time to try and yet still have space to do a mini catwalk for myself to see. lol.

"Here at The Blog Shop, every element of your image is carefully considered and planned for based on the latest trends in fashion both in Singapore and all over the world, bringing you high street and artistic fashion better than the best."

For more info, visit
Opening hours: 12pm to 10pm, everyday.

Sale ends 30th october.

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