Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Green With Envy

Love this green-theme outfit I wore out the other day!

Nails were Gelish done at Millys. I think it's such a unique color! I didn't take much notice of the color until I saw it on one of the manicurist at the shop and then I fell in love with the color instantly!

The lovely dress is from

Do you like this outfit as much as I do?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm not a lipstick person. Because I don't like having sticky things on my lips. Plus, most lipsticks are dry and looks horrendous on my dry lips.

But it seems like recently people have been encouraging me to put some color on my lips! Usually I only put lip balm, but I've also started toying with the idea of having some color on my lips to complete my makeup look.

Ruzehaus, my new cosmetic sponsor, sent me these lipsticks to solve my problems. Of all the lipsticks I have ever tried in my life, these NYX round lipsticks are the first that aren't dry or patchy on my lips. They glided smoothly and it does not look dry at all! It was easy to apply and wasn't over glossy, just the way I like it to be.

And, Ruzehaus feature PLENTY of colors for you to choose from. I am going to order more colors right after this entry... gonna have so much fun experimenting with the different colors! If you don't believe, you can visit now, really ALOT ALOT ALOT of colors to choose from!!

They also sponsored me these for the eye.

This was the final makeup look! Nice?
(Top & Shorts from

I would be doing up more makeup looks with items from Ruzehaus in the future! I'm definitely looking forward to trying out the different cosmetics on their website! You can visit their website at:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Water supply kena cut off!

Seems like my whole block's water supply kena cut off!

Me and my family were happily using our computers a few minutes ago when suddenly the doorbell rang. The aunty next door came to ask if we could run water from our taps then we realise our water supply also kena cut!

The aunty said: "If it's no electricity still never mind" and my whole family was like "no electricity is the ultimate killer! Cannot use computer cannot switch on the lights cannot sleep because no fan no aircon!" If I had a choice I'd give up my water supply for electricity!

Don't need to worry because we still have drinking water in the kitchen - hot, normal temperature, and cold water. If not enough, still have a tray of ice. If still not enough, 7-11 is just a few minutes walk away.

But if we have no electricity, we don't have any "back up" nor can we buy from downstairs conveniently!

But I do hope that the water supply will return soon. I HAVE TO BATHE TOMORROW. And I don't want to see an un-flushed toilet bowl first thing in the morning!

My sister was telling me that lucky we are not bathing halfway. If I really was, no problem lah, I'd just get towel to wipe away the soap on my body. If I was shampooing, oh no..... Guess I'd have to sacrifice the bottle of cold water in the fridge then. Haha.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is Coccomomo?



Remember the name, because Coccomomo is my new apparel sponsor! They sent me a package full of lovely clothing inside and I was like "Nice!!!" & "I like this!!!" & "Can't wait to wear this out!!!". For this first package, I let them choose whatever designs they think I would like, and I have to say that their taste fit my taste perfectly!!

Let me feature some of them:

One of my top favorite has to be this. Love the color combination and how easy it is to wear this. It is also very versatile! This item comes in multiple colors for you to choose from!

Another one is this polkadot dress for casual days. Easy to wear and very comfy~! The velvet locket belt on this outfit is also from Coccomomo. Besides apparels and belts, there are also other items such as accessories and bags.

& this tight-fit black dress is suitable for the upcoming D&D or year-end party! I love the halter-style of this dress.

That's not all! I still have a few pieces that I have not worn out yet. Will do so soon!

There is a 30% sale that is ongoing till 30 Nov, which is just a few days away! Another promo is that if you purchase over $50, you get a free skinny belt, whilst stock last! And and and, FREE NORMAL POSTAGE FOR ALL ORDERS.

Here are some other items from their site!

New collection will be arriving soon, so do check back!

Another thing, I love that their website is so neat, clear and bright! Shopping is such a joy at!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hit Awards

I forgot whether it was me being sick or SX being sick or we just felt like having porridge. We went to have frog leg porridge at this place.

They also have many other type of porridge.

I couldn't resist BBQ chicken wings! It's damn yummy!

My mum was craving for egg tarts those few days, so we decided to buy egg tarts back for her. SX did some research and the reviews for Tong Heng was quite good, heard that it's quite famous too. And so, we went searching for the shop up and down Chinatown. After a long search, we stopped at a junction and while SX was trying to convince me to turn right instead of left, I spot it across the road there and then. Lucky I never listen to SX! Haha.

Ate two freshly baked ones there and brought home four. The egg tarts there sell off quite fast. The fillings is very soft and it's quite different from the usual eggtarts, I like it!

Went to Marina Bay Sands Kudeta for a work meeting last week and took a picture with the magnificent view outside!

Thanks to Fruit Tree Fresh for the invitation, I also went to Hit Awards with Benjamin! Most of the performers that attended were really talented and good singers, I enjoyed the show! ^^ Ding Dang is a very good live singer, and Olivia is one with damn good vocals. Had a great laugh when Michelle Chong, Hossan Leong and Auntie Lucy presented the awards. Eyecandies Tom Price, Elvin Ng, Jesseca Liu and Yen-J (he sang 好的事情, nice!!). Not forgetting Ben's idol Stefanie Sun, who was the biggest winner that night. Magic Power performed 不按牌理出牌 and Hu Xia sang 那些年, both songs I love.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Hair!!


No, I'm not wearing a wig. I dyed my hair red!!!

I did not bleach my hair, so it's not really bright red, but I think it's striking enough! I think it's because usually people who dye red have short hair. I might want to make it brighter though. I did this at Bugis Essensuals :) Me and Wayne (my stylist) were both damn heart pain before the session because we really love the lovely light color I had previously. Book an appointment with him if you wish to do this color, just say you want my new hair color! They are located at 241A Victoria Street. Bugis Village S'pore 188030. Call 63330039 for appointment. If you have any questions, you may ask them on their formspring:

So far the response is quite divided. Those who seen photos all exclaim that I look better in red, but those who saw me in real life said that my previous color more suitable for me! I also think that my character is more suitable for my previous color. But, I am loving my current color too!

Anyway, I got this lovely hearts duo ring from Badangdangs.

They have many other pretty accessories!!

Besides accessories, they also have Iphone covers, Iphone colorful cales, cute thumbdrives, etc etc!

Look at this cute mini cocacola can thumbdrive. Haha.

In short, BaDangDangs is blogshop that sell all things nice. Specializes in thumbdrives and accessories but they do bring in unique and pretty stuffs every now and then. They take pride in having efficient customer service and affordable items!

Visit the store:

Do like their facebook page too!


Don't go yet! Leave a comment and let me know what you think about my red hair!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good and Cheap Dimsum

Craved for Dimsum when I woke up last Sunday, so off I went to have dimsum at Geylang!

No wonder 126 is so famous. It's really good, and quite cheap!

After the late lunch, I met up with Fiona and Cassandra at Bugis and watched TinTin! Had wanted to watch another movie but Fiona mistook the timing :( The other movies available at that time we all watched before already, so no choice we went to buy tickets for TinTin although we didn't want to watch it in the first place! End up not bad lah the movie, quite funny!

I also watched You are the apple of my eye and 23:59 already.

I had high anticipation for "You are the apple of my eye" because Ao Quan is in the movie! Haha end up he is not the main lead. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie a lot because I like sweet innocent love ^^ I realise that it gets more and more complicated as I grow up, so I appreciate it when I see true sincere simple love.