Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beauty, eat, beauty!

Nadia, Me and Fidelis planned our Sunday at Milly's salon together so that we can chat while the manicurists work on making our nails pretty!

Check out Fidelis, and the lovely new decor at Milly's!

The layout is more neat now, and the wallpaper is new and sweet!

I finished my session first so I went to do my hair at Essensuals Bugis. It's just beside Bugis Street, so convenient for me hehe.

Made Fidelis and Jeremy wait so long for me but finally I was done and we drove to a Thai eatery that Fidelis recommended. It is located at Sunshine Plaza. I don't know what is the name of the shop though.

What's thai food without Tom Yum soup?

My fave thai food is Basil Chicken ^_^ The thai food here is indeed nice!

Picture of my sky blue polkadot toe nails! ^_^

And my gelish nails!

Guess what I'm holding on my hand?

It's this product I got from Bugis Essensuals! They say that this will help my hair to be more moisturised, soft and less easily tangled. This product is under the Enrich range from Wella. They have other ranges too! If you are interested, perhaps you can head down to Bugis Essensuals and they will recommend a product suitable for your hair. This is so much better than anyhow buying just any product from the supermarket shelves! You got to know what is good and bad for your type of hair, and Bugis Essensuals will be able to give you such advice. They are located above Burger King beside Bugis Street.

Black jacket with diamante studs from

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