Thursday, November 3, 2011

Giselle's Closet

I recently modelled for Giselle's Closet, and the new collection with me in it is launched~!


If you like what I'm wearing in this picture, both the top and the red skirt can be found in this new collection. It comes in a wide variation of different colors. Giselle's Closet has plenty of designs suitable for the office, yet each piece have a feature that takes you out of the usual boring style. It's definitely the way to being fashionable at work yet not going over the line of your office's strict dress code.

This dress is named after me! ESTHER. Haha. It's one of my favourite pieces from this collection and I've got the mustard color one for myself! It has a lovely detachable pearl accessory to be hung on the collar area.

The owner also has a penchant for belts and there are many many many belts of different sizes and colors at the site too! I'm sure you will have difficulty choosing one!

Here are some other pieces... but these are not all!

Do check out and add yourself to the mailing list for future updates! (Click on Subscribe) And I tell you first, I've had a peek at the other designs coming in for next collection and I must say I totally love the owner's taste in selecting her products!

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