Friday, November 25, 2011

Hit Awards

I forgot whether it was me being sick or SX being sick or we just felt like having porridge. We went to have frog leg porridge at this place.

They also have many other type of porridge.

I couldn't resist BBQ chicken wings! It's damn yummy!

My mum was craving for egg tarts those few days, so we decided to buy egg tarts back for her. SX did some research and the reviews for Tong Heng was quite good, heard that it's quite famous too. And so, we went searching for the shop up and down Chinatown. After a long search, we stopped at a junction and while SX was trying to convince me to turn right instead of left, I spot it across the road there and then. Lucky I never listen to SX! Haha.

Ate two freshly baked ones there and brought home four. The egg tarts there sell off quite fast. The fillings is very soft and it's quite different from the usual eggtarts, I like it!

Went to Marina Bay Sands Kudeta for a work meeting last week and took a picture with the magnificent view outside!

Thanks to Fruit Tree Fresh for the invitation, I also went to Hit Awards with Benjamin! Most of the performers that attended were really talented and good singers, I enjoyed the show! ^^ Ding Dang is a very good live singer, and Olivia is one with damn good vocals. Had a great laugh when Michelle Chong, Hossan Leong and Auntie Lucy presented the awards. Eyecandies Tom Price, Elvin Ng, Jesseca Liu and Yen-J (he sang 好的事情, nice!!). Not forgetting Ben's idol Stefanie Sun, who was the biggest winner that night. Magic Power performed 不按牌理出牌 and Hu Xia sang 那些年, both songs I love.

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