Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Much?

A very random entry just to clear my backlog! :p Have not been taking much pictures recently, thus could not really do a very precise blog entry. Nothing interesting anyway, just food and shopping!

Went to Orchard with my family, grandparents and uncle. My baby cousin sleeping:

He's probably kissing a girl in his dreams haha.

Wore this from MISSQUEENIE! The skirt part is so light weight, at first when I wore it I thought it was sheer, but no it was not! It is so comfy and I love the color combination. Can be worn to the office too! Bag is from ClubCouture :)

Went to the airport with bf. This is the 2nd time we went there. 1st time, we quarreled. 2nd time? We also quarreled -.-

So anyway, it wasn't a very happy date. Maybe our "eight characters" and that place clash. Had Pizzahut for late dinner because most of the shops were closed by the time we reconciled. Quarreled again halfway into the meal. Haha!

Anyway, I love Trio Cheese pizza!!

Went to Vivocity yesterday.

Wore this dress from MISSQUEENIE. I love it because it's such a simple one-piece dress for lazy days but yet looks good!


Went to Liang Court with my sister for Japanese food! She had Udon while I had Katsu Don!

Alright, ending here! This entry really very random right? Lol~

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