Monday, November 28, 2011

Water supply kena cut off!

Seems like my whole block's water supply kena cut off!

Me and my family were happily using our computers a few minutes ago when suddenly the doorbell rang. The aunty next door came to ask if we could run water from our taps then we realise our water supply also kena cut!

The aunty said: "If it's no electricity still never mind" and my whole family was like "no electricity is the ultimate killer! Cannot use computer cannot switch on the lights cannot sleep because no fan no aircon!" If I had a choice I'd give up my water supply for electricity!

Don't need to worry because we still have drinking water in the kitchen - hot, normal temperature, and cold water. If not enough, still have a tray of ice. If still not enough, 7-11 is just a few minutes walk away.

But if we have no electricity, we don't have any "back up" nor can we buy from downstairs conveniently!

But I do hope that the water supply will return soon. I HAVE TO BATHE TOMORROW. And I don't want to see an un-flushed toilet bowl first thing in the morning!

My sister was telling me that lucky we are not bathing halfway. If I really was, no problem lah, I'd just get towel to wipe away the soap on my body. If I was shampooing, oh no..... Guess I'd have to sacrifice the bottle of cold water in the fridge then. Haha.

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