Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is Coccomomo?



Remember the name, because Coccomomo is my new apparel sponsor! They sent me a package full of lovely clothing inside and I was like "Nice!!!" & "I like this!!!" & "Can't wait to wear this out!!!". For this first package, I let them choose whatever designs they think I would like, and I have to say that their taste fit my taste perfectly!!

Let me feature some of them:

One of my top favorite has to be this. Love the color combination and how easy it is to wear this. It is also very versatile! This item comes in multiple colors for you to choose from!

Another one is this polkadot dress for casual days. Easy to wear and very comfy~! The velvet locket belt on this outfit is also from Coccomomo. Besides apparels and belts, there are also other items such as accessories and bags.

& this tight-fit black dress is suitable for the upcoming D&D or year-end party! I love the halter-style of this dress.

That's not all! I still have a few pieces that I have not worn out yet. Will do so soon!

There is a 30% sale that is ongoing till 30 Nov, which is just a few days away! Another promo is that if you purchase over $50, you get a free skinny belt, whilst stock last! And and and, FREE NORMAL POSTAGE FOR ALL ORDERS.

Here are some other items from their site!

New collection will be arriving soon, so do check back!

Another thing, I love that their website is so neat, clear and bright! Shopping is such a joy at!

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