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Universal Studios- 21st Birthday

My 21st Birthday

The actual day was spent with my boyfriend :) We had always wanted to go to Universal Studios but did not have a chance to do so. The tickets were expensive, so when I found out that MasterCard has a promotion with USS, 20% off ticket prices, we both felt that it was a good time to go! (Promo ends 18th November, for your info!)

He came to pick me up from my home and gave me my presents! It has been soooooooooooo long since the last time he gave me flowers T_T

Love the necklace he got for me! ^_^

Here we are at Universal Studios Singapore!!!!!

Must take picture in front of the ball!!!

I am finally going in!!!!! It was lucky that we did not pay extra for express tickets, because we went on a weekday and there was almost no queue at all. Most of the attractions we immediately get to play without waiting. The longest waiting time was probably 20 - 30 minutes and that was only for a couple of rides.


First thing we saw was 'Marilyn Monroe'! I wonder if there was any fan under her skirt or special flooring at that area cos her skirt was breezing upwards throughout.

We were so famished by the time we reached there, so we head to the nearest restaurant for lunch!

I LOVE THE SOUP. Gosh, I'm so totally craving for it right now. The soup has a thick herb taste and so yummy!

Our BBQ platter. The charsiew quite nice.

I love this dish! I think it's garoupa fish.

Ice cold honeydew sago for dessert!

After lunch, we finally had the energy to conquer Universal Studios!

This is one of the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars. I tried looking for a name that I recognize but didn't find any. Are the names here fake, or are they ancient stars that were probably popular before I was even born??


To be honest, I haven't even watch the movie haha.

We went for the crate adventure.

*Spoiler Alert*
Funny because we asked one of the staff if we will get wet inside, and he promised us that it's just "drizzle". In the end halfway through the journey, we saw waterfall approaching us, the type that will confirm get us drenched. We were like "Wah! This is drizzle ah??!!~~" But there's no turning back. In the end, chey, when we were just about to reach it, it moved away. Scare us only!!

Us on the boat before it went in!

A street performance of penguins and other madagascar animals.

After that, we went to...

Far Far Away

I'm in love with the castle! It's so pretty~~

Fave pic of the day! With Puss In Boots. Haha I kinda forget what the story is about already. Is it about some Ogre? But Ogre is from Jack and the giant beanstalk right?

OH OH OH!!!! I just went to google, Puss In Boots is about the Marquis of Carabas! Gosh, I totally forgot about this fairytale leh!

BF likes this photo with Puss In Boots because they are both crossing arms! He thinks it is funny lol.

Enchanted Airways!

I felt that it was similar to the 'Flying Dragon' ride at Genting theme park. I think it was supposed to be a kids ride but actually quite thrilling and fun!

We also went to the 4D motion ride, featuring Shrek, Pinocchio and other characters.

The Lost World

The queue for this kids ride was kinda long, but still acceptable.. Very simple game, just flying round and round.

I was admiring his side profile while he sort out issues with the restaurant that he would be bringing me to for dinner.

We are finally on the ride! My hand not long enough to show the dinosaur we sat on...

Thirsty girl need water.

This is a scared-looking SX, on the Canopy Flyer ready to fly!

It looks like this. We sat on the frontal-flying one! He was so traumatised after the first round that I couldn't get him to join me on a 2nd round trying the backways-flying. In fact, we only played each ride ONCE!! How can!

We totally underestimated this ride. From the ground, it looks like it moves slowly. But when you are really up there, it's actually quite fast. Not really speedish fast, but fast enough to feel the thrill and slow enough to be able to see that we are so high up away from the ground. Maybe this is why it was quite scary.

Ancient Eygpt

You mean modern Eygpt don't look like this anymore?

After the Canopy Flyer, we decided on the tamer kids ride.

This is the 'Treasure Hunters' ride. Basically just a ride on a desert jeep around the supposedly "abandoned Egyptian excavation site"

Revenge of the Mummy was fun, BUT QUITE SCARY!!! (eh, I cannot find another word for 'scary'. So many times I mentioned the word 'scary' already!) It's pitch dark inside, so I wouldn't know if I'm flung out! Er anyway, I closed my eyes despite it already being pitch dark haha cos I was afraid that anything would suddenly appear and shock us lol *Spoiler sentence after this* I like that there was a part where the vehicle reversed backwards suddenly. *Spoiler sentence ends*

I've never played 'Panasonic' at Escape Theme Park before it closed down. According to SX, 'Panasonic' is more scary..... Hmm.

Sci-Fi City

And now, highlight of the day.... Battlestar Galactica. Actually SX insisted on not going (he really got a big scare on the Canopy Flyer LOL), but he went anyway in the end.

Okay, my opnion? I felt that the Blue one was so much scarier than the red one. SX felt that the blue one was fun and the Red one was more scary.

I'm glad that I tried the Red one first, because if I had tried the Blue one first, I might be too scared to try the Red one. So anyway, I went on the Red one expecting alot more but end up not THAT scary lah. The most scary part was the steep drop at the start. I felt like my heart was stuck at the top and could not come back down to join my body haha. After that the ride was fine. There wasn't anything to hold on to at the top (you know how usually rollercoasters have that big seatbelt thing that covers the upper torso, which you can grab onto?). This one you are only secured from the waist down. So you have to hold on to your seat, which is not easy to grab onto. Haha. But I felt quite ok on the ride, probably because there was a platform for us to step on underneath our seats, and each row the 4 seats are connected so I do not feel alone.

As for the Blue one, I thought it will be abount the same as the Red one, but I was truly wrong~ Unlike the red, this one leaves your legs dangling and your seat is separated from the rest of the people on the same row, so it feels like even if you are detached and flying away you also won't know it! I'm especially scared of thrill rides that are individual seats instead of one long train/ connected seats. Also, I have tried upside down rides before but usually you won't be able to really feel being upside down because it's moving so fun, but the Blue one really made me feel that I was upside down! After too many turns, I couldn't feel if I was upright or upside down anymore haha.

Rested for awhile and played the Accelerator. Siao right?! So giddy from the Battlestar already still go sit 'teacup ride'! I actually thought that we can control the speed ourselves like the usual 'teacup ride' but turns out we had no say in the speed at all~~~

This is SX after so many scary rides hahaha. WEAK.

New York

I really love the design of their buildings! Every single building makes an awesome backdrop.

I love the "New York" theme the most!! Such interesting buildings, I felt like I stepped into the movies! Now I really really want to go to New York. It just feels so magical.

If our cabs look like that it'd be so much more fun! Haha.

Our final attraction of the day, "Lights Camera Action".

It's a stimulation of how it feels like to be in the middle of a hurricane, minus the flying away part. Fire spread in the waters and to be honest, although I know the whole thing was staged, it still felt scary to be so near the fire with everything falling.

BF chose this trophy for himself -_-

It was kinda late by the time we finished a round. Still got some rides I haven't play! Rapids Adventure was under development and we didn't try some kids ride because we were afraid we wouldn't have enough time for the highlights. If I go again, I want to play everything!

After this was dinner. Blog about it in another entry :)

Credit: Blue blazer from MissQueenie, Top from TheBlogShop! :)

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