Friday, November 4, 2011

Fashion across borders

[Guest Editorial]

It is not always easy for people to coordinate high-end fashion with culturally appropriate garments. This is simply because what is popular in one part of the world is not always as popular in others. Different regions tend to define fashion and style in their own unique ways. In particular, much of east Asia tends to keep itself fairly unique when it comes to fashion. However, if you live in or are traveling to this part of the world, you may be interested to learn that there are actually a number of established, high-end fashion options that fit in with far east style. For various examples of these sorts of options, you may want to look into the fashion website, which is featuring many different fall and winter collections.

For example, the popular designer Malene Birger is featuring several different sorts of winter clothing that could work in established styles all over the world. Take a look at the Victoire Antique Silk Sequinned Gown, which is both unique and fashionable. In addition to displaying common winter colors in simple black and white, this gown also resembles certain traditional Asian garments in its robe-like nature and waist tie. This would be an elegant and fashionable garment for any woman this season.

For another option that could be considered vaguely Japanese in nature and appearance, check out the DKNY “sleeveless scarf cozy blouse,” which, like the previous example, is fairly basic with its black and white color scheme. This item fits loosely and essentially amounts to being an oversized scarf, and sets itself apart by its design patterns. The base color is white, but the borders are lined in black and the majority of the surface is covered in flowing, black floral designs that could be said to give the piece a vaguely Asian appearance.

Once again, it is difficult for fashion, in some senses, to translate across borders. This is simply because different trends take hold in different areas, and the same things are not always popular in different places. However, it is not uncommon for high-end fashion designers to create items that appeal more universally, as they truly do come from the best minds in style and clothing. When you are dealing with respected professionals, you are almost certain to receive a good, lasting and stylish product that you can proudly show off anywhere. The examples listed above – and several others that you could find online – demonstrate how some of these designers can put out clothing that appeals to women all over the world, from New York’s 5th Avenue to the cities of the far East.

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