Saturday, March 31, 2007

i think most of you have heard Avril Lavigne's new song: Girlfriend. Now, listen to it in 8 different languages. (please pause my playlist at the sidebar first)

I don't hear the difference between mandarin and chinese. i don't even know chinese and mandarin are counted as 2 different languages. haha. i still prefer the English version though. The Chinese/Mandarin version sounds.... WIERD. and funny. Maybe it's because i understand chinese.

LOL. i have my doubts that all 8 languages are sang by her. Is it really her??

Friday, March 30, 2007


i first noticed this online shop when i saw her logo almost EVERYWHERE. i was hooked on online shopping recently, and i liked clicking on shop names that sound sophiscated and pretty. And well, i clicked on CherylBianca.

My first impression of this shop was the site layout. Wow! Gives a very neat but professional feel. I took quite afew seconds to find where the pictures of the jewelleries are. Click on the "jewellery" word above some other navigations.

Don't be afraid by the prices, which is higher than those 3 for $10 kind of accessories you find in shopping centres. Cheryl Bianca's jewelleries are of a certain quality and standard, and most importantly, they were self-made with love and care by Cheryl Bianca. This means that all designs are only One-in-the-whole-world. You'll never find yourself in a situation when your friend points out that she also has the $2 earring you are wearing. It IS embarrassing when you wear a $2 earring to prom and someone points it out infront of so many people. Another thing, her charms are imported from overseas, so that explains the price.

Unlike some other online shops, her pictures are mostly taken with better quality cameras, which shows you how the piece actually look like. She doesn't edit them with glitter brushes, so what you see is the real stuff.

The thing i liked about her jewelleries are that they are not only beautiful, but also unique. You seldom find this kind of designs outside, don't you? The prices stated for each accessory is definitely worth the exquistivity of each piece. I think it can also be a very good gift for your best friends. What's better as a gift than a unique, one-in-a-world, beautiful, exquistive accessory?

Here are some of the jewelleries listed in her shop.

Very beautiful and special isn't it? Some are sold out but some aren't. What are you waiting for? Enter the shop!
She's kinda moving on to wirework too, because it's something very rare in the jewellery market. i'm sure she'll have more amazing pieces in the future, and i've linked her shop in my sidebar. Yes, that pink logo in my advertorial space. Do click on the logo frequently to snatch up the new pieces before others do!


My Ratings for this shop:
5 Stars -I'm serious!

(Negative comments will be deleted because this is advertorial post.)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

MSN is fun sometimes :)

isaac says:
your blog entries make me feel like eating mac now

' ice-angel says:
only one small part of the entry is about mac =D

isaac says:
but i still wan eatttttt

isaac says:

' ice-angel writes:

isaac says:

isaac says:

' ice-angel writes:

isaac says:

isaac says:

' ice-angel writes:

isaac says:

' ice-angel says:
$4 student meal

isaac says:
very cuteeeeeee

isaac says:
yea yea cheep cheep!!

' ice-angel says:
pay by cash or ezlink?

isaac says:

isaac says:
i'm a member!

' ice-angel says:
okay. please tap your card.

isaac says:

isaac says:

' ice-angel says:

' ice-angel says:

isaac says:

isaac says:

' ice-angel says:
haha. We are both suffering from incurable hyperness today.

Disclaimer: My mouse wasn't working properly yesterday that's why the picture is so ugly! haha. Was drawn in a hurry :) Macdonalds is FAST food mahs.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I do nice things for friends :)

People, kindly help my friend by clicking this website:

and VOTE B8 - for Dine-y

You STAND to win $10 Sakae Sushi Voucher. (5 winners)
IC(PASSPORT) NUMBER IS COMPULSARY to verfiy when you win the voucher.

thanks alot!
if she doesn't win, im going to kill you people =x

I wont be this nice though if i was in the competition with her. hahahaha.

that has been what i always wanted to tell SL this few days, but didn't. Maybe he sounded busy, maybe he sounded uninterested, maybe he sounded like doesn't even bother anymore.

Maybe he's happier this way. Maybe i shouldn't care about him anymore. Maybe it's really the time for me to move on. Alright. Move on.

Oh well. Had fun with Fiona yesterday. Yeap, we never get tired of Hunks-Watching. Haha. Took a cab to Republic Poly yesterday and wasted 7 bucks each. Went there to enrol and i was quite fedup inside the super big hall because many times i wanted to call daddy to ask about his IC number and particulars to fill in, but there's zero-reception. Grrr. I entered the wrong IC number in the end, so now i'll have to find a way to change it.

WALKED to causeway point from there, passing by many many trunks of coconut trees. Maybe 10 times more than the ones shown in the picture below. haha. there were quite a number of people walking behind us on the lane, so i didn't dared to take a picture of the whole stretch of trees. Later people thought i crazy lah.

Visited Michelle and Karine at Causeway Point's FashionLab. Although the big signboard was hanging there brightly, i didn't noticed it. Haha. It was fiona who spotted the shop. Maybe i could work part-time there after school in the future :) that's how desperate i am for money. My handphone camera is going nuts and i've to buy a new one soon. That means i'm going to see money flying away from my wallet, again. Shopped around ABIT because Fiona was in shopping mood and i was in Eating mood. haha. Saw many many many clothes and bags that i would love to have, but my pathetic financial status after the previous shopping spree doesn't allow me to buy anymore :(

And yeap, as usual, we didn't got into the mood of taking pictures together again. Haha. i took photos of myself when i got home though. Without spectacles but with fake eyelashes. I think if i were to wear contact lenses, i've to wear fake eyelashes everyday too. It makes my eyes look bigger so that my face doesn't look so wierd without spects. haha. I need some time to convince daddy to buy contact lenses PLUS fake eyelashes for me though.

I broke the heel of my highheels, and mummy laughed -.-

Remember i once introduced the Chapter One of derick's book because he asked me to? well, the second chapter is out, and the rest of the chapters will be out in this new site:

This time i read Chapter One and Two. One word to describe it: Interesting!
There's something in his writing which makes me want to know what happened next, and i could even imagined the whole scene happening. If he were to ever published this book, i'll buy it. Promise :)

P.S. Saw Isaac Yesterday! haha. TALL.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

* a very vain post ahead *

it has been long since i last sat down for dinner with Daddy and sis together, and as usual we talked about nonsensical things that have no important meanings. Like me, Daddy doesn't like talking much about serious things too. Haha.

Me: That day i saw two super pretty babes walk into the shop. One of them is dark and look like malay, and the other one is fair and looks like korean. They both very tall and have super pretty legs! then suddenly.............. they talked with a male voice -.-

Daddy: Wahlao. Spoiler leh. Hear their voice already sian liao.

Me: But they still very pretty! I kept looking at the fair one. She's so perfect ~~!

Daddy: they undergo operations mahs.

Me: Aiyo. Very saddenning leh. Even transexual people who undergo operation to become females look even better than real females.

Sister: That means if i become a male then i can look shuai?
*smiles excitedly*

Me: No, you wont.

Sister: x(

Me: i also wont look shuai. because if im a male, i cannot put makeup to make myself look nicer. haha.

how i wish i can go back to mummy's womb and fill up that "how do you want to look like?" form again. This time, i'm going to tick the boxes beside:

1) sharp nose
2) flawless, fairer skin
3) big, pretty grey eyes
4) long and thick eyelashes
5) thinner brows
6) A pretty Sideface (i look horrible sideways!)
7) No sweat glands around my face
8) bigger boobs ( but must be porportional with my body hor! )
9) smaller butt
10) thinner and longer legs
11) flatter tummy
12) arms that wont get flabby no matter how much i eat
13) sweeter voice that doesn't sound act-cute
14) as attractive as possible.

well, which girl doesn't dreams to look better?
*continues daydreaming away*

(no profits at all. i do this because i'm nice. hee)
Vote and win Kinokuniya vouchers!

Alvin asked me to do this favour for and I asked him what i was supposed to write in this advertorial. However at the time when i was writing this blog entry, i forgot what he told me entirely. aaah. nevermind. just click on the link and figure out what to do.

P.S. grrr. all my posts so nonsensical and no-meaning nowsadays. i've got to get out and have some fun.

*grabs fiona out of her house and force her to spend the afternoon with me. heee*

Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm very very sick :(

My workplace was having sales for the past 3 days and i was practically serving customers non stop. On the first day, it was quite okay but i woke up the second day with a terrible sorethroat and cramps all over my body. I almost limp the way to the bustop in order to get to work. By the third day, i was having a fever, sorethroat, cramps everywhere, and a super heavy headache. Oh how glad am i to be having off-days for this following 4 days. I don't know how my colleagues are going to survive =x

i'm super super sick.
and i don't like it.

hmmm. I was asking Fabian that day why do guys always get tired of me. I was saying maybe i'm boring, maybe im childish, maybe i have the words written on my face "get tired of me after a while please".

Fabian's reply was:
"Maybe they just can't handle you, your uniqueness, spunk, bubbliness and most of all you being yourself."

Wow. that's a compliment i love :)

I spent 2 hours lastnight putting on nailpolish despite being super tired. haha. Look at my collection of colours! i made a french manicure using light blue, dark blue, lavender and white, but erased it away after being tempted at silver glitters. haha.

Alright, afew photos of myself taken afew days ago before i got sick. I couldn't even smile properly now. My lips are chapped.

It has been long since i last written a post so random that i was jumping from one topic to another without any connections. gahhhhh. i don't like this post. BORING.

~ I've not been really happy for a long time already.
Cheer me up, whoever you are.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

*ALOT of paragraphs deleted*

if you didn't read it yesterday, too bad. She has taken down the picture, im contented, and i don't think she deserve getting flamed anymore.

Forgive and Forget. Cheers :)
Oh ya. Thanks alot Destiny.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Supervisor asked me to extend my stay at FashionLab till the end of this month, and that means i have to blog either early in the morning or late at night for another one week. Sometimes it would be neither of them because 1) i couldn't wake up on time every morning and would always end up rushing for work. 2) Mummy snatches daddy's computer everynight to play maplestory, and so Daddy grabs my computer even before i reached home at night. How cunning, Daddy KNOWS that i couldn't push him away.

Oh well, i have nothing better to blog about each day anyway. Interesting things couldn't possibly happen to me every single day, unless you think being bankrupt is interesting. I seriously don't know where i spend all my money on. If i had spent money on food, i would have gone up by 5kg instead of losing 5kg. If i had spent money on clothes, I would not be grumbling to myself now that i dont have enough clothing for poly.

RP doesn't allow sleeveless? that's what i read in the online student handbook. Gasp. I have less than 10 tops with sleeve, and half of them looked less than gorgeous. I wonder if wearing a dress to school would be too exaggerating? i totally regret splurging so much on dresses last month due to my obsession with dresses at that period of time. i don't find myself having much occasions to wear them! It's such a waste looking at them hanging in my wardrobe without being worn for more than once.

For orientation days, we were supposed to wear a comfortable tee and shorts. And my wardrobe doesn't contain those. Comfortable tees? Have. Just that they are only suitable to go to sleep with. Shorts? Open up my wardrobe and you will find mini skirts, dresses, mini skirts, dresses. i've only 3 pairs of dont-look-like-market-kind-of-shorts. One is a 3/4 black tight-fitting pant that is obviously not suitable for running around the school (that's one of the programme for orientation). Another is a mini pant, and another one is long jeans.

If only i could change the orientation programmes. Stomp and Leap? Everyone should know my standing broadjump failed. I couldn't possibly stomp and leap without making myself look like some lunatic. Another programme is to Run Around The School Yard. It states there that it's to let us get familiar with the surroundings -.- If i wanted to do that, i can very well stroll around the school myself. There's no need to make me sweat right?? I hate sweating, because it makes you look so ... urgh. Maybe it doesn't makes you look urgh, but it does make me look like that. And if you want to retort that i look urgh even without sweating, suit yourself. Just take it as i had said i look "even more urgh".

Any other ways of gaining money in a short time other than grabbing any rich man on the streets of orchard road??

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hubby doesn't like me to speak vulgarities, and so he has banned me from spouting any form of vulgarities, not even 'ta-ma-de'. Haha. Okay, i shall TRY. I wonder if he allows me to say "damn" though. Given my english standard, i couldn't find a nicer word for "damn", unless you want me to say "wahlao", which i think is even less classy than "damn".

People have been asking if Gary is my new date. So what if he is? So what if my relationship with Shunlai has just ended? It's not like Gary is a new boy i randomly picked out from the streets of Orchard Road. For goodness sake, i've known Gary since i was 15, and we've even dated for afew days before. It's just that we didn't contact each other for 1 year plus, and now he feels more like a new boyfriend than an old date. Who says people can't fall in love after falling out of love? Yes, i WAS mourning over my breakup with Shunlai for several days, and thought that i could not accept another guy so quickly. But ever since the day i met up with Gary after the breakup between me and Shunlai, I AM happy. The feelings i had for Gary when i was 15 rushed back to me, and suddenly i feel like being with him all day long. I don't know what it is about Gary that attracts me to him. He's not handsome, he doesn't have six-packs, and he isn't tall. It's just the feeling i have when he's taking care of me.

My feelings towards Shunlai in the past was different. I didn't have the heart-pumping feeling whenever i'm with him, but i felt very secure and attached to him. We felt like husband and wife instead of little teenage couples. It was time that built up the bond between me and Shunlai. he was my longest date, and of course it would be difficult to forget the times we spent together.

But now, i feel really happy with Gary and i want to start over. I dont wish to mull over the past anymore. There's a torn between Me and Shunlai and i know that part cannot be stitched to perfectness anymore.

If someone has a chance to be happy, would someone choose to be unhappy over the past instead of accepting the happiness?

I still care about Shunlai, as a friend. I really hope he would succeed in his career since it's his wish. I think i would feel really sour when he gets a new date. Afterall, he used to be mine for almost 6 months. However i cannot be so selfish to deprive him from happiness. Boy, be happy. You look better when you smile. That's one of the things i liked most about you.

Gary, i'm serious about this relationship and i'm making a risk to put all my heart into you, although i should know what kind of person you were in the past. Or maybe you still are. I choose to trust you, and i hope you are true this time. Stop negative thoughts and stop listening to what others are saying, because it's gonna spoil everything.

( found out recently that some of Shunlai's friends are Gary's friends. It's a small small world, isn't it? Bad news though. haha. )

Lastly, i'm not a flirt and i know it. Ask people who having been ignored by me on msn continously. I don't socialise as much as you think i do. I'm very much contented in counting on closed ones around me. Ask fiona. Although i squeal whenever i see some handsome hunks, i don't change heart easily when i'm in a relationship.

Alright. Enough about all this talk. I had a dream that night, and the scenario was something like this: I was with a friend at the mrt station waiting for the train. I took out 'Clorets mini tablets', a minty sweet that i HAVE TO take everyday, if not i'll feel uncomfortable. A policeman walked towards me, asking me to throw away the sweet in my mouth, and he said fiercely: " no drinking and eating in the mrt station!" After that, he wrapped one of his arm around my neck and forced me to take out the sweet. I looked up at the policeman like some little girl sticking to the chest of a giant. I found out he was actually smoking, and smoking right at my face! I thought smoking is not allowed in the mrt station?? In the dream, i felt like giving a punch to the policeman, spit out my sweet, put it into his mouth, then accuse him for breaking two laws. Eating sweets and smoking in the mrt station.

Well, in the end i didn't do it. I woke up to someone's sms reminding me that i overslept and is late for work. Haha. I wonder if i would really do that in real life.

I received two emails from MayZhee regarding the post we both blogged about each other. I'm lazy to bother about her, but i should be nice and do what she request me to do, so well, i just printscreen the email, and if you guys want to read it, click on the picture below to see full view.

If you know me, my interest-timespan is really really short. I may be interested in rebutting you this minute, but my interest would turn to someone else within afew days. Yea, so well, the 'mayzhee' topic is not going to appear in my blog ever again. I hope. It's not worth my attention and I have no interest in writing about her anymore. I dont even care if she likes me or not after this incident. If she starts to like my blog, good. *claps*. If she doesn't, i've no rights to change the way she thinks.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Derick finished writing the first chapter of his self-written story, and i promised him yesterday that i'll help him publicise it by linking to the story from my blog.

[ 'Destiny' series, Book One - Laphia / Chapter 1 ]

i'm supposed to post up one part of the story here and review about it. but errr. i'm lazy! haha. i was quite surprised when i heard he wrote a story, because i've knew him for 4 years since secondary one, and he's not someone who would talk much. At least he doesn't talk much about random things. Or did he? O.o

awesome thanks.
feel so lucky to sit infront of you last time. haha.
LOL. i should have kicked your chair more.
as if you didn't do it enough... lol.

I forgot that i actually kept kicking the chair of the person who sits infront of me. i thought my greatest sin in secondary school life was only drawing doodles on people's textbooks. haha. My classmates used to find me irritating in Primary School, because i kept looking into their pencil case and borrowing the most expensive pen inside. Secondary School friends are definitely much more generous. heee.

Oh ya. Recently i got to know a new girl at workplace. She's Michelle. Similar to me, she's super talkative and we kept talking non-stop during workingtime. i noticed the stares/glares from the 2nd-supervisor, but nothing seems to stop the urge to talk. It's the same with me and Fiona. When we start our talking spree, nothing could stop us. At the most, we would stop for afew minutes after the teacher screams at us, and then when the teacher changes back to her 'teaching' tone again, our mouths starts moving again. I guess it's fate that i'm allocated to "Communications and Info Design" in Republic Poly. I'll get to talk as much as i want in this course. Haha. I dont have much liking for the school currently though. The openhouse left quite a bad impression. BUT! one good thing about entering this course is that, Fiona got into the same course in the same school as me! We'll make life more interesting to each other than just schoolwork schoolwork schoolwork, just like we did in secondary school.

Alright. Back to Michelle. I don't have anything special to blog about her, since all we did was talk talk and talk. I mentioned her name because i took photos with her and i guess a paragraph about her is better than throwing random photos of me and her at you. She's quite pretty in reality and i can say that she's super photogenic. I look so much less attractive beside her. Haha. She has a porcelain, flawless and white skin. My colleagues says im whiter than her though. OMG. i think she's already super white, and people are pointing to me that i'm super super white?? I must have looked like a ghost.

Bad hair day. i looked Botak from the side here.

CrazyHamster, who won a blogpost competition recently at, tagged at my board and wants me to join his little blogging carnival by having an entry about my online moniker (-ice angel).

I didn't want to make one whole new entry regarding my "ice-angel" name, so i shall devote 3 paragraph of it in this post.

why "ice-angel"?
We were in Secondary two at that time, and fairytales were getting popular around teenagers. Fiona called herself Princess, we called Huimin a Fairy, and so i called myself Angel. Soon, Fiona became Pink Princess, Huimin becomes Blue Fairy, and I became White Angel. I was associated with "white" in most of my friend's impression of me, since i had a fair skin and my knowledge of the world was somehow quite naive, unlike now.

In friendster, i called myself Angel, but changed it to Ice-Angel after finding too many people calling themselves "angels" there. "Ice" equals to the meaning of "white" too, doesn't it? I received about an average of 80 friend requests per day, and that lead me to open up 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th account. (All the accounts except the first one have been deleted.) Soon, people knew me as Ice-Angel and people on the streets come up to me to ask if i'm the Ice-Angel.

Since i was already known as Ice-Angel, i kept using it, even when i made this new blog. I find it a rather stupid name now though. I could practically categorise it together with those typical childish names like SnowPrincess, MissyGothic, BabyPinky, XiaoAngel, and etc. Aaaah. Nevermind. I could always explain that: "it used to be a trend to have childish names in the past!!" =.=

I had not contacted Gary for about one year, and we recently met each other again. This few days we have been going out EveryDay, before work and after work. He dyed his hair abit brownish gold, fringe red, lower hair red, and attached a golden extension. He looks so much better now than his previous black boring hair.

He's working as a junior in a hairstyling salon recently, and i've been there several times but most of the time it was morning. I waited for him to finish his housekeeping after work in his salon that night, and i was surrounded by Red Towels hanging everywhere.. He says he's going to dye my hair in that lighter colour i've always wanted, with his hands. Test his skills! =D

Anyway, you guys have to Love him, because within two days, he repaired my handphone that drowned and died. The handphone is working now!! yay! i can take more quality photos than Denver's phone already. heee. ( i'm not sure if my previous handphone is really completely repaired by Gary already or not. I've to give it a test trial for afew days first) Last few photos using Denver's phone.

I think you guys must be very curious on how Gary looks like? haha. This is the best photo i found of him. Regconise him out on the streets. I bet you can't find him. haha.

And in case you are wondering, Yes, i'm happy with him. Most of the time for now. I don't know what will happen in the future, but i hope history doesn't repeats itself again. Don't do what you did last year again. Please.

I wrote so much about him because he's sulking that i didn't blog about him. haha.

Yesterday was supposed to be the 6th month anniversary for me and Shunlai if our relationship didn't end. I told my supervisor who just came back from holiday that we've broke up. She was surprised. She said i looked happy and doesn't look like i've just fallen out of love. I told her that since it's already over, i should just cry it out for afew days and carry on with my life after that. Since Shunlai could be happy, why can't i?

I promise you i'll forget him.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I've been posting up too much about myself that i forgot to inject some random laughter into this blog before you people get tired of me.

Joanne showed me this video afew days ago and I couldn't help but laugh at this song which is probably made up by someone very very bored at home. The video is uninteresting and super budget, so i suggest you just listen to the song and read the lyrics below :)

( by the way, please move your mouse over to my playlist at the sidebar and PAUSE the song first before you proceed. you can't possibly listen to two songs at a time! haha )

Ken: Wanna go for a ride?
Barbie: Sure Ken.
Ken: Well forget it!

Im an ugly girl, my face makes you hurl,
Sad I have it, I should bag it,
Acne everywhere, unwanted facial hair,
I'm a relation to Frankenstein's creation

Ken: You're so ugly you disgust me

Im a bland, lonely girl,
All alone in the world, Im as flat as a board,
Thin and lanky

Ken: You're a dog and a troll, were you hit by a train?
Wont go near you 'cause your breath is stanky

Don't get attached, I'm afraid, cause guys say Im an eyesore

Im an ugly girl, my face makes you hurl,
Said I have it, I should bag it,
Acne everywhere, unwanted facial hair,
Im a relaltion to Frankenstein's creation

Ken: You're so ugly, you disgust me

Boo-hoo-hoo, yeah

Ken: You're so ugly, you disgust me


Barbie: Oh, lets go out and have some fun!
Ken: sorry, but you're too damn ugly.
Barbie: Oh, screw you, Ken!!

We should all throw rocks at this Ken.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Before you start reading this post, please read this post by Mayzhee first :)

I guess your first reaction to her blog and my reaction are both the same. "She looks like DawnYang!!"

Alright, only at some angles she looks like DawnYang. A younger version perhaps. I continued to read about her post, regarding ME.

As i was first place in the sgfriends blog voting competition for the past 2 months, she clicked on my link curiously as anyone else would. Unsurprisingly, she was disgusted by what she saw. I guess the first thing that runs in her mind would be " what??!! this kind of blog also can get top place?? "

I dont blame her disappointment. After all, you would always expect more from people who win. She proceeded to write about why i won that voting competition.

1) Regarding my looks.
She says im pretty but not exactly the Dawn Yang kind of pretty. Yeap, she was right about the injecting light into my photos. Well, i think people would want to see prettier things than bad-quality photos right?

2) Regarding my posts.
She says i'm not funny and i post blah blahs about my daily life. hmmm. that's true. i post anything that i like because i know my loyal readers would read everything no matter how boring they look. Right? =D that's why i love you guys so much.

3) Some positive comments at last.
She says im "one hell of a smart girl." and im liberal about sex and she admires any girl who dares to talk about sex openly.

That's my weakness. Once someone praises me of something, i would forget entirely what negative things she said before. Haha. oh well, since she commented so much on me, i shall review her as well.

1) I can see that she's a smart girl who scores straight A in all her exams. Compared to me who passed only 5 subjects in my O level exams, she's the real "one hell of a smart girl".

2) She makes it sound like she think Dawn Yang is the prettiest thing on earth. Maybe she really does. Dawn Yang IS pretty, but i think there are tons are there who are so much prettier.

3) I scanned through almost 3 of her posts, and well, im surprised i actually read 2 entire posts! She says my posts are nothing special, but seriously speaking, her's aren't really better anyway. It's ookkayyy to read once in a while, but her hyperness could send people becoming too tired to read on. And err.. it seems like it's all about her media coverage. It's interesting to read about media coverage, but not when it's filling up all over her posts. I shall not speak about her posting lots of photos of herself, because i do that sometimes too. haha.

4) I admire her candidness and her way of judging things. At least she's unbias and fair on making comments about me.

5) Lastly, i think her blog design is NICEY~~!

i took quite a long time to realise that she's a Malaysian. I guess me and she have very different thinking, since we were brought up in different ways. She thinks that my blog is nothing special, but i don't think her's is interesting enough to engage me too. Haha.

Oh ya. i noticed that she was analysing why readers would vote for me. Hmm. i think the main reason is because.... if you have readers, they will naturally vote for you no matter what lame reasons you give them. I'm lucky enough to be in First Place because my number of readers per day is much more than the other contestants and this isn't a big competition. If it was that Big, i could forget about winning that title. There's so much blogs out there that have much more readers than mine do. It's great they didn't sign up the voting thingy. heeee~

One more thing. One reason why i have more readers than her, could be because i write simpler english. I think i checked the dictionary several times while i was reading her post, so that i could get what she meant. This shows that most of the population are lazy creatures who rather read a simpler random post than a meaningful post with lots of unknown english words. Hahs. True? hmm. i'm one of those people because except for the more popular blogs, i don't read long posts.

Also, Singapore is a smaller and concentrated place. This is why words travel fast and a person who reads my blog would easily bump into another person who reads my blog. This makes the illusion that everyone knows about this particular blogger.

I don't think i'm in the position to say why i have loyal readers who read my stuffs, even when i write boringly. I guess you readers should be the one to explain that to me.

Click on the Add Comments link.

Please people, stop insulting MayZhee, even if you guys are defending me.

Yes, you may state why you disagree with MayZhee's points about me, but throwing vulgarities at her without any reasons is childish. She DID NOT do anything wrong. I was just justifying the things she said about me.

Sorry guys, i love the things you people do because you care, but please spare a thought for me and her.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

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No, this is not going to be unhappy post despite that sadistic lyric up there. Well, that was a song i heard in my mp4 that night, and i kept repeating it for don't know what reason. I guess it relates well to me, and my last relationship. Alright guys, i think i owe you people a long long post as a reward for patiently waiting.

For the past few days, i've been busy indulging in my new-found singlehood which i've not enjoyed for many many months because i was constantly dating in the past, even before this relationship started. I received lots of sms from friends who found out about my broken relationship online, and im grateful for their care. And yes, i did read every single comment of the last post. Thanks alot, some of the posts had made an impact on me to stay strong and happy. Since most people admired me for my determination, i think i should not disappoint them right? Well, even if he doesn't want me, im sure there would be others out there that would appreciate me more than he did.

I could not stop myself from clicking on his link to read his blog, and presto, he updated. That post ended me in heartaches, because Piggyback to me is an intimate thing. Okay, forget it. Stop waiting. He's not going to come back for you again, dumbo. He's happy and I should be even happier.

Still the same, im not on the lookout for a new boyfriend meanwhile. I'm gonna enjoy being Single and Swinging for some time. All i need is many many money for retail therapy. I'll agree to go out with anyone who is willing to pay for my shopping spree :] Girls are welcome too. haha. ( i'm beginning to sound super money-sucker )

Oh well, stop all that stuff. Do you guys miss my smile? Say Yes please~ haha.

I spent the past few nights wandering around in crowded streets, standing outside an open-pub daydreaming while listening to the band, and lastly, eating Mc Chicken. The thought that it is the burger with most fats in Macdonald makes it even more a challenge to eat it. And me being me, i beated that challenge and ate up the fats. hahaha. I LOVE CHICKEN. now im wondering, is this burger in the picture the same size as the real Mc Chicken??

I shocked mum and dad when they saw me coming back from work wearing this. haha. they say i wore too little. Well, i think they dont know that people at orchard are even wilder than this. I had stopped myself from buying a pretty full-bareback top that day, because i was imagining what Mum would say if she sees my back exposing to the whole world outside. hahaha. i could only stick to half-barebacks for the time being.
A new top arrived at the shop yesterday, and i was wondering if i should choose black or pink. People who said Black says it's nicer. People who said Pink says it suits my character more. You guys choose for me lah!! im getting an headache from thinking which one i should buy.

I think this top makes my boobs look even flatter, but who cares as long as it looks nice.

Oh ya. Someone messaged me at 2am while i was sleeping soundly that night. It turns out to be MrOtaku who was asking me to make a blogskin for him. Well, to be honest, i had no idea that someone called MrOtaku even existed and i was wondering how he got my number. It turned out that he is another blogger out there who had abit more readers than average people. I think his posts should be quite interesting, but i'm too lazy to read past the first paragraph.

He sent me his photo and asked me to edit it because he wants to see what magic photoshop can do. He requested for hair-extension, sharper nose and sharper image. I told him i'm not Xiaxue and i have no idea how to sharpen the nose and do hair extension. haha. well, i tried my best and lets see if you guys could find the difference.

Original Picture:

1st Edit: (changes made to colour, brightness, skin, sharper nose, smile, longer hair)
2nd edit: (i was thinking that he'll look better with a nose bridge but i ended up making his nose look like micheal jackson. haha. )

Haha. I'm not going to play those new tricks into my own photos though. I'll look wierd! haha. I shall end this post with a NICE smile from me.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

He told me he's tired of our relationship.

That sentence ended our preservence for almost 6 months. From the start we dated each other out of boredom instead of love, afew weeks later real feelings were thrown into the relationship, then came the late-honeymoon period. Soon, other people are cleared aside and we got serious. The feelings became stronger and we felt stable. Quarrels were a weekly thing, but nothing affected our relationship greatly.

I used to doubt if he was the guy i want to be with. He's insensitive, pessimistic, bad-tempered, seldom sweet and often disappoint me. He was somehow exactly opposite of my dream guy. But as time goes by, i realised his good points and grew to accept him as he was. I love his responsiblity, little surprises, cute looks when he's asking me for something, and his determination about his career.

Well, who hasn't fall out of love before? i should be more experienced in this field than anyone else.

Boy, please stop asking me to find a better guy. I'm definitely not ready to let someone else hold my hands anytime soon. I need time before i can accept that the guy beside me is going to be different.

I will takecare of myself and be happy like i've always been. That's what you want me to do anyway, isn't it?

Memories are nice, but that's all they are.
Independantly Single.

( i hope you will be happy with one less burden. Goodluck to your career, life, and future relationship. I'll remember you, and you have to remember me too. Till end. )

Saturday, March 10, 2007

My handphone practically died from a "drowning accident" afew days ago, and since i can't live without a camera, i met up with Denver in the middle of the night just to borrow a handphone from him. Surprisingly, i found out something about him that i've never even imagined before. Denver wants me to "hush" about it, and so shall i. haha. *mysterious smile*

I was quite pleased with his handphone, but i dont like the camera. Look at how wierd i look!

This one looks like it's reminding me to wear braces. Grr!

Met up with Fiona yesterday to shop-spree at FarEast. Fiona went to her make-up artists in the morning, and they turned her eye super-big! Her eyes are already big naturally and yesterday it became bigger. haha. She looks quite different from the fiona i know after the make-up, but it makes her look more photogenic. And... yes, i was in the photo below, but i cropped it out. I looked lousy in it =x It was a pity because other than this, we were too busy shopping to take anymore photos.

Yesterday was the first time i attempt to put on fake-eyelashes, and it took me quite long! As my eye shapes are not equal, i had to put in double skill just to make my eye look the same. I ended up being late in meeting Dear at tampines ( i missed him! ) , before rushing off to meet Fiona at Bedok. Concidentially, it was her first time wearing fake-eyelashes too! haha. I've decided to wear fake-eyelashes instead of mascara in the future. Any comments? I figured that since even the curlest-volumest-lengthiest mascara couldn't save my thin and short eyelash, i can only use fake eyeslashes. It would cost me a bomb every month though =x

I bought this pair of high-heels! It is not Oh-So-Pretty, but since it only cost $10 and still looks presentable, why not?
I love this bag the most! Fiona and me bought the same one together, but hers is in bronze. Bronze suits her better and white suits me more. And that also means, i'll dirty mine first. =.=

I also bought 3 earrings, afew more fake eyelashes, a top, and what else? i forgot. haha. Fiona bought 3 pairs of cute un****, a pair of sandles to wear on the spot because her leg is crippling because of her 3inch heels, earrings, belt, and other blah blah. I only remembered that Fiona kept swiping her Nets Card, but i've already forgotten what exactly we spent our hard-earned money on.

Oh ya! We ate CHICKEN rice for lunch and it was yummy! Chicken would always be my favourite :)

This time, the shopping spree was more of a retail therapy to me. At least it cleared my brain of unpleasant thoughts for afew hours. Now it's back again. Damn. Who wants to bring me shopping and pay for everything i want because im super broke??