Thursday, March 22, 2007

Supervisor asked me to extend my stay at FashionLab till the end of this month, and that means i have to blog either early in the morning or late at night for another one week. Sometimes it would be neither of them because 1) i couldn't wake up on time every morning and would always end up rushing for work. 2) Mummy snatches daddy's computer everynight to play maplestory, and so Daddy grabs my computer even before i reached home at night. How cunning, Daddy KNOWS that i couldn't push him away.

Oh well, i have nothing better to blog about each day anyway. Interesting things couldn't possibly happen to me every single day, unless you think being bankrupt is interesting. I seriously don't know where i spend all my money on. If i had spent money on food, i would have gone up by 5kg instead of losing 5kg. If i had spent money on clothes, I would not be grumbling to myself now that i dont have enough clothing for poly.

RP doesn't allow sleeveless? that's what i read in the online student handbook. Gasp. I have less than 10 tops with sleeve, and half of them looked less than gorgeous. I wonder if wearing a dress to school would be too exaggerating? i totally regret splurging so much on dresses last month due to my obsession with dresses at that period of time. i don't find myself having much occasions to wear them! It's such a waste looking at them hanging in my wardrobe without being worn for more than once.

For orientation days, we were supposed to wear a comfortable tee and shorts. And my wardrobe doesn't contain those. Comfortable tees? Have. Just that they are only suitable to go to sleep with. Shorts? Open up my wardrobe and you will find mini skirts, dresses, mini skirts, dresses. i've only 3 pairs of dont-look-like-market-kind-of-shorts. One is a 3/4 black tight-fitting pant that is obviously not suitable for running around the school (that's one of the programme for orientation). Another is a mini pant, and another one is long jeans.

If only i could change the orientation programmes. Stomp and Leap? Everyone should know my standing broadjump failed. I couldn't possibly stomp and leap without making myself look like some lunatic. Another programme is to Run Around The School Yard. It states there that it's to let us get familiar with the surroundings -.- If i wanted to do that, i can very well stroll around the school myself. There's no need to make me sweat right?? I hate sweating, because it makes you look so ... urgh. Maybe it doesn't makes you look urgh, but it does make me look like that. And if you want to retort that i look urgh even without sweating, suit yourself. Just take it as i had said i look "even more urgh".

Any other ways of gaining money in a short time other than grabbing any rich man on the streets of orchard road??

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