Thursday, March 15, 2007

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No, this is not going to be unhappy post despite that sadistic lyric up there. Well, that was a song i heard in my mp4 that night, and i kept repeating it for don't know what reason. I guess it relates well to me, and my last relationship. Alright guys, i think i owe you people a long long post as a reward for patiently waiting.

For the past few days, i've been busy indulging in my new-found singlehood which i've not enjoyed for many many months because i was constantly dating in the past, even before this relationship started. I received lots of sms from friends who found out about my broken relationship online, and im grateful for their care. And yes, i did read every single comment of the last post. Thanks alot, some of the posts had made an impact on me to stay strong and happy. Since most people admired me for my determination, i think i should not disappoint them right? Well, even if he doesn't want me, im sure there would be others out there that would appreciate me more than he did.

I could not stop myself from clicking on his link to read his blog, and presto, he updated. That post ended me in heartaches, because Piggyback to me is an intimate thing. Okay, forget it. Stop waiting. He's not going to come back for you again, dumbo. He's happy and I should be even happier.

Still the same, im not on the lookout for a new boyfriend meanwhile. I'm gonna enjoy being Single and Swinging for some time. All i need is many many money for retail therapy. I'll agree to go out with anyone who is willing to pay for my shopping spree :] Girls are welcome too. haha. ( i'm beginning to sound super money-sucker )

Oh well, stop all that stuff. Do you guys miss my smile? Say Yes please~ haha.

I spent the past few nights wandering around in crowded streets, standing outside an open-pub daydreaming while listening to the band, and lastly, eating Mc Chicken. The thought that it is the burger with most fats in Macdonald makes it even more a challenge to eat it. And me being me, i beated that challenge and ate up the fats. hahaha. I LOVE CHICKEN. now im wondering, is this burger in the picture the same size as the real Mc Chicken??

I shocked mum and dad when they saw me coming back from work wearing this. haha. they say i wore too little. Well, i think they dont know that people at orchard are even wilder than this. I had stopped myself from buying a pretty full-bareback top that day, because i was imagining what Mum would say if she sees my back exposing to the whole world outside. hahaha. i could only stick to half-barebacks for the time being.
A new top arrived at the shop yesterday, and i was wondering if i should choose black or pink. People who said Black says it's nicer. People who said Pink says it suits my character more. You guys choose for me lah!! im getting an headache from thinking which one i should buy.

I think this top makes my boobs look even flatter, but who cares as long as it looks nice.

Oh ya. Someone messaged me at 2am while i was sleeping soundly that night. It turns out to be MrOtaku who was asking me to make a blogskin for him. Well, to be honest, i had no idea that someone called MrOtaku even existed and i was wondering how he got my number. It turned out that he is another blogger out there who had abit more readers than average people. I think his posts should be quite interesting, but i'm too lazy to read past the first paragraph.

He sent me his photo and asked me to edit it because he wants to see what magic photoshop can do. He requested for hair-extension, sharper nose and sharper image. I told him i'm not Xiaxue and i have no idea how to sharpen the nose and do hair extension. haha. well, i tried my best and lets see if you guys could find the difference.

Original Picture:

1st Edit: (changes made to colour, brightness, skin, sharper nose, smile, longer hair)
2nd edit: (i was thinking that he'll look better with a nose bridge but i ended up making his nose look like micheal jackson. haha. )

Haha. I'm not going to play those new tricks into my own photos though. I'll look wierd! haha. I shall end this post with a NICE smile from me.


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