Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm very very sick :(

My workplace was having sales for the past 3 days and i was practically serving customers non stop. On the first day, it was quite okay but i woke up the second day with a terrible sorethroat and cramps all over my body. I almost limp the way to the bustop in order to get to work. By the third day, i was having a fever, sorethroat, cramps everywhere, and a super heavy headache. Oh how glad am i to be having off-days for this following 4 days. I don't know how my colleagues are going to survive =x

i'm super super sick.
and i don't like it.

hmmm. I was asking Fabian that day why do guys always get tired of me. I was saying maybe i'm boring, maybe im childish, maybe i have the words written on my face "get tired of me after a while please".

Fabian's reply was:
"Maybe they just can't handle you, your uniqueness, spunk, bubbliness and most of all you being yourself."

Wow. that's a compliment i love :)

I spent 2 hours lastnight putting on nailpolish despite being super tired. haha. Look at my collection of colours! i made a french manicure using light blue, dark blue, lavender and white, but erased it away after being tempted at silver glitters. haha.

Alright, afew photos of myself taken afew days ago before i got sick. I couldn't even smile properly now. My lips are chapped.

It has been long since i last written a post so random that i was jumping from one topic to another without any connections. gahhhhh. i don't like this post. BORING.

~ I've not been really happy for a long time already.
Cheer me up, whoever you are.

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