Friday, March 30, 2007


i first noticed this online shop when i saw her logo almost EVERYWHERE. i was hooked on online shopping recently, and i liked clicking on shop names that sound sophiscated and pretty. And well, i clicked on CherylBianca.

My first impression of this shop was the site layout. Wow! Gives a very neat but professional feel. I took quite afew seconds to find where the pictures of the jewelleries are. Click on the "jewellery" word above some other navigations.

Don't be afraid by the prices, which is higher than those 3 for $10 kind of accessories you find in shopping centres. Cheryl Bianca's jewelleries are of a certain quality and standard, and most importantly, they were self-made with love and care by Cheryl Bianca. This means that all designs are only One-in-the-whole-world. You'll never find yourself in a situation when your friend points out that she also has the $2 earring you are wearing. It IS embarrassing when you wear a $2 earring to prom and someone points it out infront of so many people. Another thing, her charms are imported from overseas, so that explains the price.

Unlike some other online shops, her pictures are mostly taken with better quality cameras, which shows you how the piece actually look like. She doesn't edit them with glitter brushes, so what you see is the real stuff.

The thing i liked about her jewelleries are that they are not only beautiful, but also unique. You seldom find this kind of designs outside, don't you? The prices stated for each accessory is definitely worth the exquistivity of each piece. I think it can also be a very good gift for your best friends. What's better as a gift than a unique, one-in-a-world, beautiful, exquistive accessory?

Here are some of the jewelleries listed in her shop.

Very beautiful and special isn't it? Some are sold out but some aren't. What are you waiting for? Enter the shop!
She's kinda moving on to wirework too, because it's something very rare in the jewellery market. i'm sure she'll have more amazing pieces in the future, and i've linked her shop in my sidebar. Yes, that pink logo in my advertorial space. Do click on the logo frequently to snatch up the new pieces before others do!


My Ratings for this shop:
5 Stars -I'm serious!

(Negative comments will be deleted because this is advertorial post.)

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