Wednesday, March 28, 2007


that has been what i always wanted to tell SL this few days, but didn't. Maybe he sounded busy, maybe he sounded uninterested, maybe he sounded like doesn't even bother anymore.

Maybe he's happier this way. Maybe i shouldn't care about him anymore. Maybe it's really the time for me to move on. Alright. Move on.

Oh well. Had fun with Fiona yesterday. Yeap, we never get tired of Hunks-Watching. Haha. Took a cab to Republic Poly yesterday and wasted 7 bucks each. Went there to enrol and i was quite fedup inside the super big hall because many times i wanted to call daddy to ask about his IC number and particulars to fill in, but there's zero-reception. Grrr. I entered the wrong IC number in the end, so now i'll have to find a way to change it.

WALKED to causeway point from there, passing by many many trunks of coconut trees. Maybe 10 times more than the ones shown in the picture below. haha. there were quite a number of people walking behind us on the lane, so i didn't dared to take a picture of the whole stretch of trees. Later people thought i crazy lah.

Visited Michelle and Karine at Causeway Point's FashionLab. Although the big signboard was hanging there brightly, i didn't noticed it. Haha. It was fiona who spotted the shop. Maybe i could work part-time there after school in the future :) that's how desperate i am for money. My handphone camera is going nuts and i've to buy a new one soon. That means i'm going to see money flying away from my wallet, again. Shopped around ABIT because Fiona was in shopping mood and i was in Eating mood. haha. Saw many many many clothes and bags that i would love to have, but my pathetic financial status after the previous shopping spree doesn't allow me to buy anymore :(

And yeap, as usual, we didn't got into the mood of taking pictures together again. Haha. i took photos of myself when i got home though. Without spectacles but with fake eyelashes. I think if i were to wear contact lenses, i've to wear fake eyelashes everyday too. It makes my eyes look bigger so that my face doesn't look so wierd without spects. haha. I need some time to convince daddy to buy contact lenses PLUS fake eyelashes for me though.

I broke the heel of my highheels, and mummy laughed -.-

Remember i once introduced the Chapter One of derick's book because he asked me to? well, the second chapter is out, and the rest of the chapters will be out in this new site:

This time i read Chapter One and Two. One word to describe it: Interesting!
There's something in his writing which makes me want to know what happened next, and i could even imagined the whole scene happening. If he were to ever published this book, i'll buy it. Promise :)

P.S. Saw Isaac Yesterday! haha. TALL.

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