Monday, March 19, 2007

Derick finished writing the first chapter of his self-written story, and i promised him yesterday that i'll help him publicise it by linking to the story from my blog.

[ 'Destiny' series, Book One - Laphia / Chapter 1 ]

i'm supposed to post up one part of the story here and review about it. but errr. i'm lazy! haha. i was quite surprised when i heard he wrote a story, because i've knew him for 4 years since secondary one, and he's not someone who would talk much. At least he doesn't talk much about random things. Or did he? O.o

awesome thanks.
feel so lucky to sit infront of you last time. haha.
LOL. i should have kicked your chair more.
as if you didn't do it enough... lol.

I forgot that i actually kept kicking the chair of the person who sits infront of me. i thought my greatest sin in secondary school life was only drawing doodles on people's textbooks. haha. My classmates used to find me irritating in Primary School, because i kept looking into their pencil case and borrowing the most expensive pen inside. Secondary School friends are definitely much more generous. heee.

Oh ya. Recently i got to know a new girl at workplace. She's Michelle. Similar to me, she's super talkative and we kept talking non-stop during workingtime. i noticed the stares/glares from the 2nd-supervisor, but nothing seems to stop the urge to talk. It's the same with me and Fiona. When we start our talking spree, nothing could stop us. At the most, we would stop for afew minutes after the teacher screams at us, and then when the teacher changes back to her 'teaching' tone again, our mouths starts moving again. I guess it's fate that i'm allocated to "Communications and Info Design" in Republic Poly. I'll get to talk as much as i want in this course. Haha. I dont have much liking for the school currently though. The openhouse left quite a bad impression. BUT! one good thing about entering this course is that, Fiona got into the same course in the same school as me! We'll make life more interesting to each other than just schoolwork schoolwork schoolwork, just like we did in secondary school.

Alright. Back to Michelle. I don't have anything special to blog about her, since all we did was talk talk and talk. I mentioned her name because i took photos with her and i guess a paragraph about her is better than throwing random photos of me and her at you. She's quite pretty in reality and i can say that she's super photogenic. I look so much less attractive beside her. Haha. She has a porcelain, flawless and white skin. My colleagues says im whiter than her though. OMG. i think she's already super white, and people are pointing to me that i'm super super white?? I must have looked like a ghost.

Bad hair day. i looked Botak from the side here.

CrazyHamster, who won a blogpost competition recently at, tagged at my board and wants me to join his little blogging carnival by having an entry about my online moniker (-ice angel).

I didn't want to make one whole new entry regarding my "ice-angel" name, so i shall devote 3 paragraph of it in this post.

why "ice-angel"?
We were in Secondary two at that time, and fairytales were getting popular around teenagers. Fiona called herself Princess, we called Huimin a Fairy, and so i called myself Angel. Soon, Fiona became Pink Princess, Huimin becomes Blue Fairy, and I became White Angel. I was associated with "white" in most of my friend's impression of me, since i had a fair skin and my knowledge of the world was somehow quite naive, unlike now.

In friendster, i called myself Angel, but changed it to Ice-Angel after finding too many people calling themselves "angels" there. "Ice" equals to the meaning of "white" too, doesn't it? I received about an average of 80 friend requests per day, and that lead me to open up 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th account. (All the accounts except the first one have been deleted.) Soon, people knew me as Ice-Angel and people on the streets come up to me to ask if i'm the Ice-Angel.

Since i was already known as Ice-Angel, i kept using it, even when i made this new blog. I find it a rather stupid name now though. I could practically categorise it together with those typical childish names like SnowPrincess, MissyGothic, BabyPinky, XiaoAngel, and etc. Aaaah. Nevermind. I could always explain that: "it used to be a trend to have childish names in the past!!" =.=

I had not contacted Gary for about one year, and we recently met each other again. This few days we have been going out EveryDay, before work and after work. He dyed his hair abit brownish gold, fringe red, lower hair red, and attached a golden extension. He looks so much better now than his previous black boring hair.

He's working as a junior in a hairstyling salon recently, and i've been there several times but most of the time it was morning. I waited for him to finish his housekeeping after work in his salon that night, and i was surrounded by Red Towels hanging everywhere.. He says he's going to dye my hair in that lighter colour i've always wanted, with his hands. Test his skills! =D

Anyway, you guys have to Love him, because within two days, he repaired my handphone that drowned and died. The handphone is working now!! yay! i can take more quality photos than Denver's phone already. heee. ( i'm not sure if my previous handphone is really completely repaired by Gary already or not. I've to give it a test trial for afew days first) Last few photos using Denver's phone.

I think you guys must be very curious on how Gary looks like? haha. This is the best photo i found of him. Regconise him out on the streets. I bet you can't find him. haha.

And in case you are wondering, Yes, i'm happy with him. Most of the time for now. I don't know what will happen in the future, but i hope history doesn't repeats itself again. Don't do what you did last year again. Please.

I wrote so much about him because he's sulking that i didn't blog about him. haha.

Yesterday was supposed to be the 6th month anniversary for me and Shunlai if our relationship didn't end. I told my supervisor who just came back from holiday that we've broke up. She was surprised. She said i looked happy and doesn't look like i've just fallen out of love. I told her that since it's already over, i should just cry it out for afew days and carry on with my life after that. Since Shunlai could be happy, why can't i?

I promise you i'll forget him.

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