Friday, March 2, 2007

i kept thinking about money at work today, and wrote down a list of things that i NEED to buy.

- New Mascara
( any recommendations except maybelline xxl? everyone i asked seems to give me the same old answer -.- )

- Pressed Powder
( because my current foundation doesn't spread evenly and looked powderwish )

- HighHeels
( i broke my highest heels )

- Bag
( because my bags at home are either too small or too big )

- Denim Mini Pants
( because i dont have a dark coloured one. )

- Denim 3/4 pants
( because tights dont look good on me.)

- Denim Mini Skirt
( it looks nice on my colleague =x )

- Tops
( because i seems to be repeating the same kind of clothes everyday )

- Make Up Remover
(because currently i rub my face to take off the makeup, and everyone around me is complaining that im ruining my face. haha)

See? This should show how much i need money right now. How i wish money would grow on the plants in my home. One fine day i would walk into my balcony and pluck money happily from the leaves.

And NO, i can't wait for Santa Claus to give me those things. He's too slow and i dont want to be Nice and Good whole year long. ^^

Haha. Went out with Nick last night after work. We walked around, ate chicken at KFC, bought sweets, and he sent me home in a cab. He was late this morning at work though, because he overslepted by 6 hours! Reason being, after sending me home to Pasir Ris, he had to take another cab back to his home, which was at BoonLay! If you take the MRT train daily, you would know how far BoonLay is from Pasir Ris.

Two Pictures.

Im having alot of fun hanging out with friends this few days, but the person i miss most is my boy. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting we've both been busy with our things and haven't been able meet for afew days already. I want his hug!!

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