Saturday, March 10, 2007

My handphone practically died from a "drowning accident" afew days ago, and since i can't live without a camera, i met up with Denver in the middle of the night just to borrow a handphone from him. Surprisingly, i found out something about him that i've never even imagined before. Denver wants me to "hush" about it, and so shall i. haha. *mysterious smile*

I was quite pleased with his handphone, but i dont like the camera. Look at how wierd i look!

This one looks like it's reminding me to wear braces. Grr!

Met up with Fiona yesterday to shop-spree at FarEast. Fiona went to her make-up artists in the morning, and they turned her eye super-big! Her eyes are already big naturally and yesterday it became bigger. haha. She looks quite different from the fiona i know after the make-up, but it makes her look more photogenic. And... yes, i was in the photo below, but i cropped it out. I looked lousy in it =x It was a pity because other than this, we were too busy shopping to take anymore photos.

Yesterday was the first time i attempt to put on fake-eyelashes, and it took me quite long! As my eye shapes are not equal, i had to put in double skill just to make my eye look the same. I ended up being late in meeting Dear at tampines ( i missed him! ) , before rushing off to meet Fiona at Bedok. Concidentially, it was her first time wearing fake-eyelashes too! haha. I've decided to wear fake-eyelashes instead of mascara in the future. Any comments? I figured that since even the curlest-volumest-lengthiest mascara couldn't save my thin and short eyelash, i can only use fake eyeslashes. It would cost me a bomb every month though =x

I bought this pair of high-heels! It is not Oh-So-Pretty, but since it only cost $10 and still looks presentable, why not?
I love this bag the most! Fiona and me bought the same one together, but hers is in bronze. Bronze suits her better and white suits me more. And that also means, i'll dirty mine first. =.=

I also bought 3 earrings, afew more fake eyelashes, a top, and what else? i forgot. haha. Fiona bought 3 pairs of cute un****, a pair of sandles to wear on the spot because her leg is crippling because of her 3inch heels, earrings, belt, and other blah blah. I only remembered that Fiona kept swiping her Nets Card, but i've already forgotten what exactly we spent our hard-earned money on.

Oh ya! We ate CHICKEN rice for lunch and it was yummy! Chicken would always be my favourite :)

This time, the shopping spree was more of a retail therapy to me. At least it cleared my brain of unpleasant thoughts for afew hours. Now it's back again. Damn. Who wants to bring me shopping and pay for everything i want because im super broke??

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