Thursday, March 1, 2007

Yesterday was Off-day & since my next offday is still far far away, i had to enjoy this one to the fullest. And indeed, i did ALOT of things.

Nothing special to talk about the morning. Met Fiona at Tampines Mall in the afternoon and my shoe strap broke -.- i would spoil my heels whenever i meet Fiona, no matter how new the heels are. I should try going out barefoot with Fiona next time. haha. Maybe i'll break my toe nail.

We left Tampines Mall much later than we intended to, because fiona talked ALOT with her colleagues there, leaving me looking at myself in the mirror about a dozen times out of boredom. They were telling fiona not to apply thick makeup as it could spoil the skin, and insisting to her that she still looks great without make-up. The same thing cannot be said for me though. Fiona looked alright even without makeup, but i can't. Makeup plays a great part in my social life. haha. Because of my eye-makeups, even my colleagues didn't realise that my eyes aren't big at all until i told them to look carefully. My eyes look out of shape and my skin looks as pale as a ghost when i dont make-up. Ask those close friends around me, they have seen me in my worst states. Haha. However, my habit of thick-makeup has resulted in my face starting to form rashes already :(

I hope skin technology would get better when i start working as an adult, so that at least i could buy some skin products to save my face from looking like 70 years old when im 35.

We rushed back to fiona's home from tampines mall, because fiona wants to put on make-up before going shopping at Bugis Street. I dont know why she couldn't just bring her makeup set along and make her face pretty conveniently at the shopping mall toilets. haha. In the end, we reached Bugis super LATE, and we had only around 30 minutes to browse around before i have to rush back to Tampines Mall to meet the guys. It was rushed, but at least Fiona bought a mini short that looks Nice :)

Fiona had to go home earlier, so i went to meet Daryl and Denver outside the cinema alone to watch this Jack Neo's movie, Just Follow Law. it's a really nice show, and you guys should all watch it! I cried two times in the show and Daryl saw it. =x

We had bought 2 big cokes and 1 big packet of popcorns, and we placed the cups on each hole in the armrest. We didn't have a table to put the popcorns so since i was sitting in between them, i placed the popcorn on my lap. It was dark and the popcorn couldn't be since clearly, so i told them:

Me: You two want take popcorn take from here, but be careful dont anyhow touch wrong place hor!! haha.
Daryl & Denver: =.=

haha. they seldom hear me talking so crudely. this shows that im actually a very NICE girl in most people's opinion hor. lol. After the show, we went down to longjohns to fill our stomachs. Spotted JunYuan and Kingston there, and they joined us.

Kingston started calling me Fairy, so when they were discussing where we want to go after eating, i pointed to the ceiling. He didn't realise what i mean, until the others explained to him that im going back to Heaven, since im Fairy. hahaha. His face remained stunned because he couldn't find anything to rebutt. LOL.

They went to play at the arcade although it was near closing time, and they found another 2 friends there. After loads of rubbish, denver brought me back to pasir ris and we went home. The End.

i think i had fun catching up with these bunch of friends. at least i did not wasted my offday looking at the computer whole day long. haha. and for my next offday, i hope to save up enough money to go on a shopping spree! this time i'll be spending it with the girls, instead of the guys!

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