Sunday, March 11, 2007

He told me he's tired of our relationship.

That sentence ended our preservence for almost 6 months. From the start we dated each other out of boredom instead of love, afew weeks later real feelings were thrown into the relationship, then came the late-honeymoon period. Soon, other people are cleared aside and we got serious. The feelings became stronger and we felt stable. Quarrels were a weekly thing, but nothing affected our relationship greatly.

I used to doubt if he was the guy i want to be with. He's insensitive, pessimistic, bad-tempered, seldom sweet and often disappoint me. He was somehow exactly opposite of my dream guy. But as time goes by, i realised his good points and grew to accept him as he was. I love his responsiblity, little surprises, cute looks when he's asking me for something, and his determination about his career.

Well, who hasn't fall out of love before? i should be more experienced in this field than anyone else.

Boy, please stop asking me to find a better guy. I'm definitely not ready to let someone else hold my hands anytime soon. I need time before i can accept that the guy beside me is going to be different.

I will takecare of myself and be happy like i've always been. That's what you want me to do anyway, isn't it?

Memories are nice, but that's all they are.
Independantly Single.

( i hope you will be happy with one less burden. Goodluck to your career, life, and future relationship. I'll remember you, and you have to remember me too. Till end. )

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