Monday, March 5, 2007

Thanks for all the advices on the previous post :) it seems that alot of girls out there knows what's good and what's not. haha.

I was grumbling to my supervisor that day that i need money, money & money. I asked her what's the quickest and easiest way to earn money, and she replied: "go geylang be chicken lor, open leg only mah"

ME: "Eeeyer. Geylang Chicken get touch by dirty smelly old men with big bellies, then earn SO LITTLE only."
(well, at least that's my impression of men who visit geylang prositutes.)

From what i heard, they only earn afew dollars, not more than $100 depending on how long their service was. If i had to "open leg" to a dirty smelly old man who collects rubbish in the daytime, and earn only $50 for one hour, i'll rather be a bar hostess who earns $15 per hour.. At least im only touched by rich businessmen who give generous tips. Err. well, i dont think the scenario im describing is very true, but that's what i think them out to be. I've seen too much tv dramas. haha.

When I told my supervisor about what i've said above, she laughed and said: "if want to be prositute, also must be high-class one. Only rich businessmen who can afford the high cost is eligible to hire you."

(*note: i dont despise prositutes. i just dont want to be one.*)

RuoXuan and Geraldine came to visit me while i was closing the shop last night. I was shocked when Geraldine, whom i've not contacted for probably 2 years plus, told me that she knows about my blog. haha. Although i know there are strangers out there reading my blog, but it never chanced upon me that schoolmates that i see in school but didn't really talk to, would read my blog. Well, we talked alot and met up with Fiona, who once again forgot to take a photo with me. I think it has been months since our last photo, and it's ridiculous why i've been taking more pictures with other people than my best friend! haha.

Before they arrived, i took out my eye makeup to let my colleagues see how my eyes look like under the heavy eye makeup i usually wore. Look at the big difference! My supervisor says she thinks i look better without eye makeup, but i dont agree at all. haha.

Oh ya, did you guys notice the googles adsense advertorial board at my sidebar? Do click on one of the links more often, and browse around the websites linked! Even if you have no interest in whatever's there, you'll be helping me earn some money :) i'll be so grateful to you guys.

Im sending in my resignation letter today, so officially after 19th March, i'll be more free to update this blog until i start school! ^^

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