Friday, March 16, 2007

Before you start reading this post, please read this post by Mayzhee first :)

I guess your first reaction to her blog and my reaction are both the same. "She looks like DawnYang!!"

Alright, only at some angles she looks like DawnYang. A younger version perhaps. I continued to read about her post, regarding ME.

As i was first place in the sgfriends blog voting competition for the past 2 months, she clicked on my link curiously as anyone else would. Unsurprisingly, she was disgusted by what she saw. I guess the first thing that runs in her mind would be " what??!! this kind of blog also can get top place?? "

I dont blame her disappointment. After all, you would always expect more from people who win. She proceeded to write about why i won that voting competition.

1) Regarding my looks.
She says im pretty but not exactly the Dawn Yang kind of pretty. Yeap, she was right about the injecting light into my photos. Well, i think people would want to see prettier things than bad-quality photos right?

2) Regarding my posts.
She says i'm not funny and i post blah blahs about my daily life. hmmm. that's true. i post anything that i like because i know my loyal readers would read everything no matter how boring they look. Right? =D that's why i love you guys so much.

3) Some positive comments at last.
She says im "one hell of a smart girl." and im liberal about sex and she admires any girl who dares to talk about sex openly.

That's my weakness. Once someone praises me of something, i would forget entirely what negative things she said before. Haha. oh well, since she commented so much on me, i shall review her as well.

1) I can see that she's a smart girl who scores straight A in all her exams. Compared to me who passed only 5 subjects in my O level exams, she's the real "one hell of a smart girl".

2) She makes it sound like she think Dawn Yang is the prettiest thing on earth. Maybe she really does. Dawn Yang IS pretty, but i think there are tons are there who are so much prettier.

3) I scanned through almost 3 of her posts, and well, im surprised i actually read 2 entire posts! She says my posts are nothing special, but seriously speaking, her's aren't really better anyway. It's ookkayyy to read once in a while, but her hyperness could send people becoming too tired to read on. And err.. it seems like it's all about her media coverage. It's interesting to read about media coverage, but not when it's filling up all over her posts. I shall not speak about her posting lots of photos of herself, because i do that sometimes too. haha.

4) I admire her candidness and her way of judging things. At least she's unbias and fair on making comments about me.

5) Lastly, i think her blog design is NICEY~~!

i took quite a long time to realise that she's a Malaysian. I guess me and she have very different thinking, since we were brought up in different ways. She thinks that my blog is nothing special, but i don't think her's is interesting enough to engage me too. Haha.

Oh ya. i noticed that she was analysing why readers would vote for me. Hmm. i think the main reason is because.... if you have readers, they will naturally vote for you no matter what lame reasons you give them. I'm lucky enough to be in First Place because my number of readers per day is much more than the other contestants and this isn't a big competition. If it was that Big, i could forget about winning that title. There's so much blogs out there that have much more readers than mine do. It's great they didn't sign up the voting thingy. heeee~

One more thing. One reason why i have more readers than her, could be because i write simpler english. I think i checked the dictionary several times while i was reading her post, so that i could get what she meant. This shows that most of the population are lazy creatures who rather read a simpler random post than a meaningful post with lots of unknown english words. Hahs. True? hmm. i'm one of those people because except for the more popular blogs, i don't read long posts.

Also, Singapore is a smaller and concentrated place. This is why words travel fast and a person who reads my blog would easily bump into another person who reads my blog. This makes the illusion that everyone knows about this particular blogger.

I don't think i'm in the position to say why i have loyal readers who read my stuffs, even when i write boringly. I guess you readers should be the one to explain that to me.

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Please people, stop insulting MayZhee, even if you guys are defending me.

Yes, you may state why you disagree with MayZhee's points about me, but throwing vulgarities at her without any reasons is childish. She DID NOT do anything wrong. I was just justifying the things she said about me.

Sorry guys, i love the things you people do because you care, but please spare a thought for me and her.

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