Tuesday, March 27, 2007

* a very vain post ahead *

it has been long since i last sat down for dinner with Daddy and sis together, and as usual we talked about nonsensical things that have no important meanings. Like me, Daddy doesn't like talking much about serious things too. Haha.

Me: That day i saw two super pretty babes walk into the shop. One of them is dark and look like malay, and the other one is fair and looks like korean. They both very tall and have super pretty legs! then suddenly.............. they talked with a male voice -.-

Daddy: Wahlao. Spoiler leh. Hear their voice already sian liao.

Me: But they still very pretty! I kept looking at the fair one. She's so perfect ~~!

Daddy: they undergo operations mahs.

Me: Aiyo. Very saddenning leh. Even transexual people who undergo operation to become females look even better than real females.

Sister: That means if i become a male then i can look shuai?
*smiles excitedly*

Me: No, you wont.

Sister: x(

Me: i also wont look shuai. because if im a male, i cannot put makeup to make myself look nicer. haha.

how i wish i can go back to mummy's womb and fill up that "how do you want to look like?" form again. This time, i'm going to tick the boxes beside:

1) sharp nose
2) flawless, fairer skin
3) big, pretty grey eyes
4) long and thick eyelashes
5) thinner brows
6) A pretty Sideface (i look horrible sideways!)
7) No sweat glands around my face
8) bigger boobs ( but must be porportional with my body hor! )
9) smaller butt
10) thinner and longer legs
11) flatter tummy
12) arms that wont get flabby no matter how much i eat
13) sweeter voice that doesn't sound act-cute
14) as attractive as possible.

well, which girl doesn't dreams to look better?
*continues daydreaming away*

(no profits at all. i do this because i'm nice. hee)

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P.S. grrr. all my posts so nonsensical and no-meaning nowsadays. i've got to get out and have some fun.

*grabs fiona out of her house and force her to spend the afternoon with me. heee*

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