Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zac Efron

I watched Charlie St.Cloud yesterday!!!!!

Honestly, I watched it in the first place only because Zac Efron was the lead. Who could resist him? The poster, the title, didn't appeal to me at all at first! It took me some time before deciding that I want to watch it.


I think Zac Efron is a really good actor. I was won over by his charm in 17 Again and I'm won over again this time. I was trying to think about my BF last night but instead of my BF's face appearing, Zac's face was all over my mind hahaha.

I like the story cos it's different from other normal chick-flicks. However, I think the girl casted in the movie seems abit too old and mature for him. On the other hand, Zac does look very matured in this movie. He looks like 26-27, a big difference from his high school musical days. Some several scenes, he looks more like the father instead of the brother to Sam St.Cloud in the story.

He is very charming. *Sigh.
The scene where he kissed the back of the shoulder of the female lead. *SIGH.
The intense look in his eyes. *SIGHHHHH.

Doesn't he has the most perfect face for a man, EVER?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Cute anot. Hahah the machine auto enlarge the eyes one!! And I think they darken my eyeliner lor.

One thing I love about taking neoprints is the decorating part!!

While waiting for the stickers to be printed ^^

He become chubby liao right!!! At one point of time because of some problems he ended up being too skinny and so he's gorging himself with food now.

He said this picture looks like those jail-profile-pics hahaha just change the neoprint to a paper with numbers.

He came over to my house the day before Mooncake festival to give mum mooncakes and we ate it together! I like it when it's sliced small! My dad says last time his mum cut it into HALF only and they munch it like that o_o

Below two mooncakes one is the cheap brand one another one is slightly more expensive. Guess which! The cheap brand one got 2 yolks the more expensive one is single yolk but yummier!

Lots of new updates coming up. I have 7 blog entries lined up after this!!

Short mentions:


This is a unisex store that sells both female and male apparels. I think that the clothes featured are very stylish and I had a hard time choosing for SX! When I ask him to choose himself, he also got too many choices! A great place to buy clothes for your bf, and at the same time pamper yourself with a top for yourself as well!

A new collection today!
I'm getting this piece. She's gonna post to me today. CANT WAIT.
Check out her new collection :)


This shop is open by a friend, and I ordered afew pretty dresses already. Do support her okay!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


To every little good thing in life.


Imagine this.

Eh you all very long never comment already. I demand that you all comment on this entry hor. Hehehe.

Imagine this.

You suddenly kena a rare deadly illness (*CHOY CHOY CHOY), and the doctor tells you that you have only 1 more month to live. But he also says that you can try a particular treatment (that is still in beta stage), but it is not guaranteed to make you well again. The treatment will be painful and requires you to be bedridden for the month.

Would you rather,

1) Take up this treatment and try that last hope although it's bleak, and risk wasting your final 30 days of your life in pain and on bed,


2) Give up on hope and enjoy the last 30 days of your life doing the things you love?

Monday, September 27, 2010



They've revamped! Have you seen their new look? It's now more cheery and pink! Do you like the new look?

They have came a long way haven't they! I've done numerous adverts for them before and this won't be the last one as they've just became one of my sponsors!

One of their speciality is offering a wide variety of designs for us consumers. Like for example some shop stick to the sweet look, some go for street style, and some go for officewear. Polkadotpigs doesn't stick to any style, instead offering us a few looks to choose from.

What they are well-loved for is perhaps for their service and efficiency. It's not just any other fly-by-night blogshop.

I love the mulberry bayswater bag I got from them previously, and I'm very excited for their new bags!

Many of their items sell out fast, so do add them on your mailing list to get the updates first.

They also have a FLEA-IT! Section, where you get to enjoy flea items at UNBELIEVABLE prices in the comfort of your own home! In here, you get to pick up never-worn-before items at rock-bottom price.
TOP - $5 each.
Dresses / Bottoms / Bags - $8 each. It's super low-price ok!

If I were you I'd click on the link NOW.

All prices in the normal sections include free normal postage. How pleasant!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Striped maxi from theblogshop.

Met up with Fiona for KTV session! It has been so long since I went singing! I used to do it weekly~ All my ktv kakis - sophia, kaihui, CM, etcetc where are all of you!!!

I don't know why KTV joints like to serve these titbits. In order to sing well we need to have clear throats, why would anyone want to clog their throats with these junk food?

Long John Silver! Reminds me of our secondary school days.

Currently on replay:

Squashed by two big pillow.

Haha. My sister squashed him there.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Afew days ago SX had his offday but poor me had to work. He went to buy ingredients and cooked lunch at home for me!!

He delivered this to my office:
Steamed fish, stewed meat with potato, sunnysideup and rice.

Not bad luh. With him more than a year liao I didn't know he knows how to cut and steam fish!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Picture entry!

I saw this girl on the VIVI magaaine that day. She must be the prettiest girl I ever saw. Don't you agree she looks so perfect?? If I ever do plastic surgery I want this face (minus abit of the chubbiness though lol so greedy)!!

Erm sorry ah you all must tilt your head hahaha.

Dress by theblogshop. I have it in grey too!

Sigh I wish my I have a professional photographer to help me take photos because a self timer's straight angle really looks ugly. And my house lighting sucks. So many lights but still not bright enough don't know why.

Either too dark or too bright. This picture was originally too bright so I darkened it!

This striped maxi with mesh is from Quote 'iceangellovelavida' and get $1 off collection one :)

Went to Ikea the other day.

Love their chicken wings. My family always buy 12 and we have 3 each. What, 2 is not enough!!

And then across to giant.

Ok, shall end here! See my life very mundane recently. Anyone got any interesting ideas of what kind of activities I can try? I'm open to most ideas as long as it's accessible and not too expensive!

I've been thinking of going on an one-off cooking class with bf and create dishes together but haven't been able to find any place offering affordable courses. Oh ya he still owe me an ice-skating day. He has been holding it off cos he doesn't know how to ice-skate!!! Lol. Ok lah cannot laugh people cos I'm sure I'll be far worse than him.

Alright, suggestions please!!!