Monday, September 6, 2010

Rainbows and Icecream

Ben&Jerry Chunk Fest 2010!!

Me and Fidelis dropped by and we love how the whole set up was so vibrant!

I love the entrance carpet!!

At the event, there were 12 flavours flown in and people can vote for the one flavour which gets to stay and be sold in the local bnj stores.

Why can't all of them stay :(

Fidelis eventually chose the Imagine Whirled Peace, while I got the Pomegranate Sorbet.

Yummeh! It was sweet but I liked that it didn't leave any too-sweet taste lingering in my tongue.

We were watching the Vermonster Challenge! Contestants have to gobble up one whole tub of icecream in less than 59 seconds to beat the previous years record!

Besides a BnJ mug and tee-shirt, we got this iphone cover too! Gave it to sis :) She loves it!

I also tried Tarot Reading!!

While others did some bodyart.

Really love the setting. Great for camwhoring!!

Look at this toppled tub of BnJ! So cute!

Didn't know that the event was going to be on grass and sand, so me and Fidelis wore heels. BAD CHOICE!!! I keep tripping and my heel kept being swallowed into the ground!

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