Saturday, September 4, 2010

Impromptu dinner cos our other plans got cancelled last minute!

Me, Nadia and Jacelyn went over to Singpost to have japanese food at Suki Sushi. Too bad Fidelis couldn't join us.

Nothing special lah, just post only cos I got nothing else to blog already. Hahaha. Got mundane post better than no update right.

Salmon is the only raw sushi I dare to eat. The girls had tuna.

We all had two rounds of the chawanmushi! It's a must-order for me at all japanese restaurants.

The stuff that the other girls ordered. I dont eat any of them! I cannot be a real japanese hahaha.

Chicken wings for me. My face practically lit up when I saw it on the menu. Prefer BBQ chicken but got sesame chicken wings better than no chicken wings.

Me and Nadia! Love her dress from theblogshopsg! I have it too!

Jacelyn's cute pink top is also from theblogshopsg!

They all got lovely glowy skin but mine's so dry :(

My top and skirt are from theblogshopsg as well :)

Picture to end the entry!

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