Thursday, September 16, 2010

My dad! I blame him for my lack of a sharp and small nose. Hahaha.

This dress is sponsored by theblogshopsg. Love the pieces of extra cloth at the shoulder part and the double layer at the bottom. Little details to a plain dress!

Guess you guess where we are?

We went to Suntec for some food exhibition thingy but it was so boring. Prefer the one at Expo! Had dinner at Hoshi Teppan-Yaki House.

Start with some miso soup!

Our chicken on the pan heh.

Beansprouts. Not really nice though.

The veggie was good but they gave us like 8/10 stalks and 2/10 leaves. I only like the leaves!

Me and my sis were discussing about the dudes working in the restaurant -and how their skills in cooking are relevant to their looks. Haha cannot say here lah in case got people who know them reading this blog.

This chicken was YUMMY!!!!

Mum and Dad had the sliced lamb. Our chicken was nicer!

This is oysters, prawns and sotong. I think they didn't cook the sotong enough lor, cos it was so tough! And erm, I think the chef forget to put salt cos it was bland.

Oranges for dessert.

And all these cost around $20 per person only. I wouldn't hesitate to come here again!

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