Saturday, September 4, 2010

What makes me emo.

My mum is now watching "Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa"

Ya, that very old show -____-
Well, I found a list of all the Taiwanese Idol Dramas ever since Meteor Garden and realised that she watched like 90% of them liao lor. Even more hip than me sia hahaha.

So anyway, the show is about some guy losing his memory and falling in love with another girl, while he didn't know he already has a fiancee back at his real home.

Which makes me curious.

1) What will you do if your bf/husband loses his memory and when you found him afew months later, he's already in love with another girl?

Give up? Or use every possible way to get the guy to remember you? Would that be cruel to the new girlfriend who is an innocent party in this whole mess?

It's so sad lor, sure will feel very helpless because you know that there's NOTHING you can do to get back what was yours. Even if you eventually get him to remember you, his feelings is probably not there anymore.

2) What if you were the new girlfriend?? What would you do if you found out that the guy you've dated for afew months/afew years, has a previous life overseas before he lost his memory? Would you hold on to him, or would you return him to where he should be?

The ability to keep memories is so valuable.

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