Monday, September 27, 2010



They've revamped! Have you seen their new look? It's now more cheery and pink! Do you like the new look?

They have came a long way haven't they! I've done numerous adverts for them before and this won't be the last one as they've just became one of my sponsors!

One of their speciality is offering a wide variety of designs for us consumers. Like for example some shop stick to the sweet look, some go for street style, and some go for officewear. Polkadotpigs doesn't stick to any style, instead offering us a few looks to choose from.

What they are well-loved for is perhaps for their service and efficiency. It's not just any other fly-by-night blogshop.

I love the mulberry bayswater bag I got from them previously, and I'm very excited for their new bags!

Many of their items sell out fast, so do add them on your mailing list to get the updates first.

They also have a FLEA-IT! Section, where you get to enjoy flea items at UNBELIEVABLE prices in the comfort of your own home! In here, you get to pick up never-worn-before items at rock-bottom price.
TOP - $5 each.
Dresses / Bottoms / Bags - $8 each. It's super low-price ok!

If I were you I'd click on the link NOW.

All prices in the normal sections include free normal postage. How pleasant!

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