Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tammytay, Mae, Randy, IceAngel, Jocelyn


Time passes so fast!! It seems only awhile ago that I wrote the entry regarding the start of CREATE2011 contest and within a blink of an eye, many students have already created mindblowing products and the contest has come to an end.

( Create2011 Launch )

And I'm glad that we were given the chance to attend the grand finale and see the talented finalists!

I was the earliest blogger!! Guess I'm the most hardworking one hahahaha. This sentence is for Huiwen to read cos that time she tsk me when I was late for a client's meeting!! Suay suay that ONE time kena caught by her!!

Besides me, Jocelyn and Randy were also there.

So was Tammy,

and Mae! She's only 15 but she knows more about a dslr than me, who is 5 years older. At her age, I was using a camera phone!!

There were many students and supporters at the event that day. They were so enthuastic in cheering for the teams from their schools!

We sat through presentations by each team and their products. Some were awesome!! The theme for the CREATE2011 challenge is future mobility.

This detachable phone camera would be useful for NS guys. Also, sometimes some concerts and movie screening doesn't allow any recording device thus would disallow us from bringing our handphones into the venue. Don't you feel uncomfortable without your phone?! This detachable camera would be so useful for such situations.

We had to pay attention to the presentations because we had a part in voting!! There were two categories, Senior and Junior.

Tammy's pink blackberry. I like the colour!!

Hor hor!! Randy not paying attention!

Time to vote!

We have to paste our sticker on the team we vote for!

This team has so many supporters.

For the senior category:

Me, Randy and Mae voted for the RI team which had the Buddy! The buddy is a device which detects your mood based on facial recognition, heartbeat, sound detection and decides what food you want to eat, what music you want to listen, etc. I felt that their presentation is very good because they covered alot of areas and also answered the burning questions in my head regarding some potential negative uses for the device.

Tammy and Jocelyn voted for the very cool gadget which allows us to control movements on the computer screen using fingers - nope, not touch screen, it's even better it's through the air!! So futuristic right? They won the senior category by the way!

For Junior category I voted for a 3D mobile technology while the rest voted a drink-driving-resistant device.

For those whom have missed the finale, please visit and ucreatechange to view the profiles of the grand finalists.

We had a band to play for us after the voting!

The DJs then went up on stage and it was about time to reveal the winners!! So excited!

Winner of senior category in this picture below.

Winning team for the Junior Category submitted an idea on drink driving detector.

It's really encouraging to see the students with such talented brains. I can imagine the future to be really convenient and easy!!

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