Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zac Efron

I watched Charlie St.Cloud yesterday!!!!!

Honestly, I watched it in the first place only because Zac Efron was the lead. Who could resist him? The poster, the title, didn't appeal to me at all at first! It took me some time before deciding that I want to watch it.


I think Zac Efron is a really good actor. I was won over by his charm in 17 Again and I'm won over again this time. I was trying to think about my BF last night but instead of my BF's face appearing, Zac's face was all over my mind hahaha.

I like the story cos it's different from other normal chick-flicks. However, I think the girl casted in the movie seems abit too old and mature for him. On the other hand, Zac does look very matured in this movie. He looks like 26-27, a big difference from his high school musical days. Some several scenes, he looks more like the father instead of the brother to Sam St.Cloud in the story.

He is very charming. *Sigh.
The scene where he kissed the back of the shoulder of the female lead. *SIGH.
The intense look in his eyes. *SIGHHHHH.

Doesn't he has the most perfect face for a man, EVER?

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