Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Cute anot. Hahah the machine auto enlarge the eyes one!! And I think they darken my eyeliner lor.

One thing I love about taking neoprints is the decorating part!!

While waiting for the stickers to be printed ^^

He become chubby liao right!!! At one point of time because of some problems he ended up being too skinny and so he's gorging himself with food now.

He said this picture looks like those jail-profile-pics hahaha just change the neoprint to a paper with numbers.

He came over to my house the day before Mooncake festival to give mum mooncakes and we ate it together! I like it when it's sliced small! My dad says last time his mum cut it into HALF only and they munch it like that o_o

Below two mooncakes one is the cheap brand one another one is slightly more expensive. Guess which! The cheap brand one got 2 yolks the more expensive one is single yolk but yummier!

Lots of new updates coming up. I have 7 blog entries lined up after this!!

Short mentions:


This is a unisex store that sells both female and male apparels. I think that the clothes featured are very stylish and I had a hard time choosing for SX! When I ask him to choose himself, he also got too many choices! A great place to buy clothes for your bf, and at the same time pamper yourself with a top for yourself as well!

A new collection today!
I'm getting this piece. She's gonna post to me today. CANT WAIT.
Check out her new collection :)


This shop is open by a friend, and I ordered afew pretty dresses already. Do support her okay!

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