Saturday, September 11, 2010

I've been itching to do something interesting for the past one week yet nothing came to mind. Everyday I wake up without an aim and it's really torturing me!! I'm those kind of people who must be kept busy with doing things I like, and cannot have one whole week without any activities one.

There's this one project I've been looking forward to but there seems to be some hiccups on the way so now it's on hiatus.
Oh well.

These two years had been really terrible. Except for those two months when I just met SX cos I remembered those days as really carefree and happy. After that there seems to be problems from every corner of my life attacking me. SX also seem to become more and more suay so sometimes I suspect both of us are jinx to each other's life. *sad* And my career/blog doesn't seem to have any progress. Like there's no improvements, nor any step for me to move ahead. It seems really stagnant and I do not like it this way at all. I'm one who love to keep climbing/have something in my life to look forward to. But all this is not for my to decide lah, chances are decided by fate. Want to grab chances also cannot cos no chance come by lei.

I think my eyelash glue expired leh! Cos yesterday when I went out I put on fake lashes as usual and the lids itched the whole day but I couldn't rub them cos it would ruin the makeup! Tsk - if only I was naturally beautiful hor, then I no need put makeup so mafan!

So anyway when I got home I was so happy when I finally plucked out the lashes and proceeded to run that area vigorously. Then I noticed that the line where I applied the glue is red!!

I went to sleep after removing my full makeup and woke up at around 5am with an urgent need to go to the washroom. Then I realised my left eye was glued together!! I think my eye produced some sticky liquid that caused it to happen. Disgusting!! Felt really horrified as I tried to pluck open my eyes forcefully - it almost feels like someone used sticky glue on my eyes! I managed to get it to open and proceeded to use wet tissue to wipe that area before I went back to sleep.

When I woke up later on it was still slightly sticky and swollen. For the rest of the day my left eye felt watery and uncomfortable I couldn't help but keep rubbing it.

Like this how to have interesting life. Want put eye makeup also can't liao lah.

Oh yah I just got myself a BB.
I think I like it lah, but not an addict yet. I felt that it is abit too confusing compared to my previous Nokia63. And I get messages from so many different source - BBM/SMS/EMAIL, I still havent differentiate the different ringtones for each. Haha.

I like that the BBM got the 'read receipt' function. Haha. Now i know if you purposely ignore my message. My BBM still not many contacts lei, if you are a friend and you have a BB, sms me your pin ok!

I've been downloading alot of apps on my BB, mostly games! My favourite game now is this one called "Pixelated". What are games nice?

Also, the BB allows use to type a fullstop using double spaces. I've got so used to it that while writing this post I kept typing double spaces instead of the fullstop! Haha.

And, my email function doesn't link with my hotmail leh. Like I read on the BB ler but it still appears as "unread" on my computer. Is there any settings to solve this?

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