Friday, September 24, 2010

Picture entry!

I saw this girl on the VIVI magaaine that day. She must be the prettiest girl I ever saw. Don't you agree she looks so perfect?? If I ever do plastic surgery I want this face (minus abit of the chubbiness though lol so greedy)!!

Erm sorry ah you all must tilt your head hahaha.

Dress by theblogshop. I have it in grey too!

Sigh I wish my I have a professional photographer to help me take photos because a self timer's straight angle really looks ugly. And my house lighting sucks. So many lights but still not bright enough don't know why.

Either too dark or too bright. This picture was originally too bright so I darkened it!

This striped maxi with mesh is from Quote 'iceangellovelavida' and get $1 off collection one :)

Went to Ikea the other day.

Love their chicken wings. My family always buy 12 and we have 3 each. What, 2 is not enough!!

And then across to giant.

Ok, shall end here! See my life very mundane recently. Anyone got any interesting ideas of what kind of activities I can try? I'm open to most ideas as long as it's accessible and not too expensive!

I've been thinking of going on an one-off cooking class with bf and create dishes together but haven't been able to find any place offering affordable courses. Oh ya he still owe me an ice-skating day. He has been holding it off cos he doesn't know how to ice-skate!!! Lol. Ok lah cannot laugh people cos I'm sure I'll be far worse than him.

Alright, suggestions please!!!

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