Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shopping list



Love their polkadot pink background! Screams CUTE!! I chose two white pieces from their instocks collection - a butterfly sleeve top and a lace tube dress!

Besides instocks, they also have preorders going on:

Really love this cardigan! It comes in nude colour too.

My readers get 5% off any purchase.


A new blogshop to add on to our list! Just at debut, they are giving away a vintage chanel ring for free to any customers that spend more than $50! Whilst Stocks Last.

Owned by 3 cute ladies, the styles are diversified.

I love this dark blue polkadot top!

The owners are also very nice, so I'm sure you'll get good service from them :)

Besides clothes, they'll also be bringing in bags and shoes in the future! I can't wait!!


Eh, I just realised that all 4 blogshops for today's entry all fall into the Cute category!

The name for this blogshop is so cute but as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. The clothes featured by this shop is DA STYLE.

Ordering is made easy via a form at the end of every collection.


My sponsor has just released a new collection again! Love sponsors that update alot.
Getting this dress from them this time!

Check out the other items at

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