Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Girly Wow!

Attended the Wow party with my darling Fidelis! Hahaha very long never go trim my eyebrows already.

My face was so bloated that day that even my attempt at photoshopping couldn't save it. Imagine how I felt facing a room full of other girls T_T

Many other female bloggers also attended the event, even Winnie who I've not seen for damn long!

Peggy, Winnie and me.


One of the activities was designing our own cupcakes! Love such d.i.y activities~!

Here's the ingredients I picked.

Tada! Fidelis cupcake and my cupcake. Pretty anot? As usual I just had to squeeze every possible deco into my cake. Hahaha.

Sweet cupcake holders for us to bring home!

You like my blue polkadot maxidress? It's from theblogshopsg! I wore with with denim wedges and crochet ribbons on top of them.

After that we had some outdoor activities.

Picture of me with Raine and Elise!! It's so long since I last went out with them boohoo.

And Pris, and Sabrina, and me, and Fidelis :D

Why be white when you can be wow? Can you guess what's inside this lookbook?

Yep! Floral design pads!!!! That explains the sweet floral theme to the wow party. I wonder why no one thought of it before. You just have to see them for yourself. Perhaps go get a pack of Kotex Luxe?

Now you can be beautiful on the outside AND the inside!

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