Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heat on the table's centrepiece.

After the previous lunch at With A Pinch Of Salt, it's now Jacelyn's turn to bring us for good food! Authentic Japanese Teppanyaki!!!!!

Outfit of the day was a dark blue maxi with belt and cream coloured jacket, all from theblogshopsg! Bag is from Polkadotpigs.


Can ask the staff to help us cook!

If you go there you must try the bacon and cheese. It was so cheesy so heavenly!!!

Actually I don't remember what this jumble of mess is. Haha. Out of all the dishes we ordered, I only don't like one of them. It was one that tasted like hot coleslaw. Ew!

Leon the great cook! Haha he only know how to pose, don't know how to cook one!

This one I remember is nice but I don't remember what it is T_T

Another plate of un-cooked nom nom waiting to be cooked on the table!

Oh! I think this is the one that I don't like. Alot veggies!

The fried seafood udon was awesome!! I love udon because they have that elastic springy feel.

I stared at this photo very long while I was resizing it. Haha. Yums~

This is porkbelly I think!

Very nice but not enough for 6 of us!

The fried rice was superb!! It wasn't fried on the table pan like we hoped for, but it was so yummy I'm craving for it now! This is a must-order.

The staff recommended this tofu with cheese but I think so-so only. Not bad though, if you like tofu!

Garlic chicken!! One of the yummy dishes too.

Erm, what is this? Lol!

This place is definitely unique and I love it!! Would totally bring bf here next time. However, the menu is quite messy so it might be difficult to decide what you want to eat. I would recommend to just go with the flow and keep an open mind to trying new stuff, or this is a list of items you may want to order, to be safe:
- Bacon and cheese
- Tofu and cheese
- Fried Rice
- Fried Udon
- Pork Belly
- Garlic Chicken

After looking at reviews around the web, it seems like their speciality is okonomiyaki (japanese style omelette/pizza).

There is also outdoor seating available. I would suggest not to bring kids because naughty ones might itchyhand go touch the hot pan while you are not looking!

The four of us! Nadia and Fidelis brought along their bfs too :)

All of us wore theblogshopsg's clothes~

Fidelis took out her polaroid camera and we got one of these photos each!

Love ^^

Nanjya Monjya
Waterfront Plaza #01-03/05,
390A Havelock Road Singapore 169664

Contact: 6738 7177

Anyone got any interesting, unique, new concept restaurants/cafe to introduce to us? Please leave a comment and we'll go there if we like! :) Especially interested to try out authentic food from different cultures...

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