Thursday, August 19, 2010

My cervarix jab!

Cervarix Jab!

This girl here has taken the first step towards cervical cancer protection.

Went over to Karri Family Clinic at Tampines for my first jab!

I had discount but their usual package of 3 jabs cost $420. Not really expensive, considering it's a life-time vaccination.

Feeling jittery before the jab but it doesn't look like it in this picture right!! Haha.

The jab was fast and just a prick. The only pain is that you feel like muscle cramps on your arm the next day.

Then after that the arm is back to normal!

My next jab is next month, and the final jab will be in February next year. Yoohoo! Am really glad that I had the opportunity to learn about cervical cancer and also protect myself against it. I would advise you girls to go for it too!

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